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Museu da Casa Brasileira honors Paulo Serau

Musician Paulo Serau, graduated from the Souza Lima College and Conservatory in the extensive course in Orchestration and a postgraduate degree from the São Judas Tadeu University in Art History, is also a composer, arranger, producer of Brazilian popular music and a professor in the Technical Course in Phonographic Processes with an emphasis on Musical Production, offered by the Faculdade and Conservatório Souza Lima.

Serau has worked with names such as Alaíde Costa, Ângela Maria, As Galvão, Ayrton Montarroyos, Carlinhos Vergueiro, Carlos Lyra, Cauby Peixoto, Claudette Soares, Cristóvão Bastos, Elba Ramalho, Inezita Barroso, João Donato, Leci Brandão, Leny Andrade, Marcelo Jeneci , Maria Alcina, Mônica Salmaso, Sergio Santos and Zezé Motta. He has already directed music and arrangements for the projects: “Elizeth Cardoso 100 Anos ao Vivo” (Biscoito Fino, 2020); “As Canções de Garoto” (Independent, 2019); “Sings Inezita! ” (Kuarup, 2019); “Two Nights for Dolores Duran” (Canal Brasil, 2015); “Cabocla Eu Sou”, by Inezita Barroso (TV Cultura, 2013), among other productions.

He collaborated with the Municipal Department of Culture in the projects “Samba na Formosa”, held at the Vila Formosa Cultural Center, in 2018, and “Choro no Mercadão”, held at the Mercado Municipal Paulistano, in 2016. Paulo Serau also contributed to the training of students from Guri Santa Marcelina social projects – since 2016 – and Projeto Guri, managed by Sustenidos – since 2020 – with the production of musical arrangements.

The composer released two books on Choro Music: “Choro para Big Band” (2011) and “O Choro de Luiz Gonzaga” (2013), with the 2012 Funarte Centenário de Luiz Gonzaga award. the publications “Direito e Cinema Brasileiro” (Lisbon International Press, 2020) and “Direito e Música Brasileira” (Lumen Júris, 2020).

The producer also conducts research on the musical field, such as: “The role of arrangement in Brazilian music – History, Listening and Debate” (Sesc São Paulo, 2021) and “Pixinguinha and Radamés at 78 rpm: listening to 78 rpm records” , aesthetic analysis and transcription of the arrangements by Pixinguinha and Radamés Gnattali (Sesc São Paulo Research and Training Center, 2019).

Check out some of Paulo Serau’s works below:

The Word and the Silence – Paulo Serau, authorial
Winning song in the “Popular Brazilian Music” category at the Rádio MEC Music Festival, 2019. Composition by Paulo Serau in the interpretation of Hilda Maria and Sexteto Serau.

Fisherman’s Story – Paulo Serau & Colab Homeir
Re-reading the History of Fishermen, a masterpiece by Dorival Caymmi, which tells the courage and challenges of those who live off the sea. With arrangements and direction by Paulo Serau. The musicians’ collaborative recorded in their respective homes.

Two Accounts

Smiled at Me
The songs of Garoto is an independent project created, directed and arranged by Paulo Serau in honor of the composer and multi-instrumentalist Aníbal Augusto Sardinha, the Garoto. The project was attended by the Grande Banda and the singer and composer Sergio Santos.

Ask my Clogs (Lupicínio Rodrigues and A. Gonçalves)
Samba de Breque, the Lost Samba. Project with musical direction and arrangements by Paulo Serau, with the participation of São Paulo singer Paula Sanches.

A Woman’s Name (Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Morais)
In 2016, the first album by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes, “Orfeu da Conceição”, completed 60 years and, to honor this classic of Brazilian discography, Grande Banda, Mônica Salmaso and Sergio Santos presented the project “Orfeu 60 anos” , with production, musical direction and arrangements by Paulo Serau.

Asa Branca (Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Teixeira) by Hilda Maria, Luciano Ruas and Paulo Serau
United to preserve the trajectory of two great masters of Brazilian Popular Music – Luiz Gonzaga and Dominguinhos – Hilda Maria, singer and composer, Luciano Ruas, pianist and arranger, and Paulo Serau, guitarist, arranger and music producer, present classics such as “Asa Branca ”, “Baião”, “I have thirst” and “Lamento Sertanejo”. With poetic constructions in their arrangements and vocal interpretation, the project presents, in a contemporary way, the essence and genius of these two masters.

Estrela do Norte (Eduardo Gudin and Costa Netto) – Carla Casarim
Musical direction and arrangement work for Carla Casarim in a beautiful tribute to the São Paulo musician and composer Eduardo Gudin.

Sexteto Serau – Mojave (Tom Jobim)
Tribute to Tom Jobim, presented with Sexteto Serau at the Museu da Casa Brasileira.

The Voice of Brazil – Hilda Maria & Carlinhos Vergueiro
Celebrating almost 50 years of Carlinhos Vergueiro’s career, singer Hilda Maria and guitarist Paulo Serau present their work through a snippet of chronicles, characters and places.

Inezita Barroso and Paulo Serau (TV Cultura – Lampião de Gás)
In front of an orchestra with more than 20 musicians, Paulo Serau arranged and directed the musical part of the project that paid homage to Inezita Barroso’s 60-year career.

Rumo Zona Oeste – Paulo Serau’s great band invites Cristovão Bastos
Project carried out at Virada Cultural 2017.

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