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Museu da Casa Brasileira celebrates its fiftieth anniversary!

Over five decades dedicated to the issues of preservation and diffusion of the material culture of Brazilian houses, the MCB has also become the only public museum in the country dedicated to the fields of architecture and design. And you are part of that story.

For this celebration, the MCB would like to invite everyone to share their experiences, emotions and bonds with their own home, so important in times of recollection. If you prefer, tell us about your experiences and memories of living with the museum or about the importance of the institution in the preservation and diffusion of the house’s materiality through architecture and design.

Participate by recording your video and posting with #MCB50anos.

Your history is precious to our collection!

Miriam Lerner, general director of the museum

Gilberto Gil, singer and composer

Giancarlo Latorraca, technical director of the museum

Antônio Lessa, Coordinator of the Museum Preservation Unit at the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo

Eric Klug, president of Japan House São Paulo

Pieter Tjabbes, president of the Board of Directors of MCB 

Lilia Schwarcz, historian and anthropologist

Ricardo Goldenberg, Psychoanalyst

Michele Gialdroni, director of Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Marco Antonio Alves,financial administrative director of MCB

Carlos Lemos, architect and advisor MCB

Carlos Moreno, actor

Antonio Nobrega, Brazilian artist

Breno Lerner, writer and speaker of the history of gastronomy

Guto Lacaz, architect and artist

Gisele Dias, audience supervisor MCB

Júlio Medaglia, conductor

Isabel Leite, interior designer

Rogério Batagliesi, architect

Elisa Saintive, cultural producer

Renato Soares, photographer

Hugo Kovadloff, designer and photographer

João Carlos Martins, conductor

Magda Pucci, musical director of the Mawaca group

Raul Juste Lores, director of Veja São Paulo

José Roberto Giffoni, national flavor fair organizer

Guilherme Meneguzzi, architecture student

Roberto Duailibi, advertising

Ana Rita Suassuna, student of the food culture of the sertão

Claudia Matarazzo, journalist

Fortuna, singer

MCB Administrative Finance Team

Marcelo Araújo, museologist and general director of Instituto Moreira Salles

Maria Ignez Mantovani, museologist and director of Expomus

Nilza Ruth, art educator

Leonardo Posternak, pediatrist

Mary Lou Paris, publishing company

José Guilherme Queiroz, lawyer

Mara Gama, journalist

Alex Flemming, plastic artist

Olga Bongiovanni, journalist

Cristina Bruno, museologist

Lilian Roizenblit, psychologist

Gustavo Piqueira, graphic designer

Fernando Mascaro, architect and designer

Eduardo Poccard, chef

Karen Worcman, founder and curator of the Museum of the Person

Gal Oppido, visual artist, graphic designer and musician

Joana Mello, teacher and architect

Ricardo Cardim, botanist and landscaper

Vicente Sá, poet

Renata Motta, president of ICOM Brasil

Ed Teodoro, musician and psychologist

Giovanni Vannucchi, architect and designer

Mariana Luz, CEO of the Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal foundation

Antônio Maita, 4 years and a quarantine

Morena Leite, chef

Nurit Bensusa, biologist

Savina Nicoloni, architect

Bea Meira, art educator

Gabriel Marão, member of the Brazilian Forum of Internet of Things

Maureen Bisilliat, photographer

Ana Regueira, Capim Santo restaurant manager

Cristiane Alves, educational coordinator of Fundação Ema Klabin

Gerson de Oliveira, designer

Sergio Campos from Artemobilia Gallery

Túlio Borges, singer, songwriter and poet

Ruy Teixeira,photographer

Gabriel Levy, musician

Fábio Prado Saldanha, Social innovation researcher at HEC Montreal (Canada)

Fernando Brandão, architect and design

Juliana de Campos Bloch, educator

Graça Bueno, Antiquaria – Past Compound 20th Century

Ruy Ohtake, architect

Cristina Barreto, archaeologist

Wesley Sacardi, furniture designer

Mary Lou Paris, publishing [Patrimônio Escolar]

Mary Lou Paris, publishing [Berços da Vida]

Mary Lou Paris, publishing [Litoral e Vale do Paraíba]

Dani Mattos, artist

Beto Cocenza, creator of BOOMSPDESIGN

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