Living room at Jorge Zalszupin’s house in São Paulo | Credit: Ruy Teixeira

Museu da Casa Brasileira and Casa Zalszupin team up to celebrate the centenary of the birth of designer Jorge Zalszupin

Visitation from July 1st to September 4th, 2022

As of July 1st, the Museu da Casa Brasileira – an institution managed by Fundação Padre Anchieta – and Casa Zalszupin – managed by ETEL and the Almeida e Dale gallery -, will come together to honor the centenary of the birth of designer Jorge Zalszupin, a one of the most successful representatives of the generation of architects who worked, between the 1950s and 1980s, in a unique way in the fields of design and Brazilian architecture.

The exhibitions  “Orgânico Sintético: Zalszupin 100 anos” take place simultaneously at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, curated by MCB technician Giancarlo Latorraca, and at Casa Zalszupin, curated by ETEL CEO Lissa Carmona and professor Guilherme Wisnik, sponsored by Shopping Iguatemi and supported by HautLab.

The festival features unpublished items from the Zalszupin collection, opened for the first time by ETEL, with the support of museologist Nathalia Reys, in partnership with the designer’s family, who carried out in-depth research on Jorge’s work. The search revealed works never before published, which demonstrate its importance and legacy for São Paulo architecture that goes beyond design, as well as personal items, such as an illustrated joke book. For the second semester, the reprint of the out-of-print book by Jorge Zalszupin is still planned, with unprecedented content on his architectural work.

The MCB will present new aspects of Zalszupin’s work, linked to the high industrial production of the company L’Atelier, the plastic utensils of the Eva series and the series of planned office furniture. His work as an architect will also be revealed at MCB, showing some buildings built on Av. Paulista, downtown São Paulo and Higienópolis district. “The furniture on display reveals the rigor and synthesis characteristic of the commitment to serial production and industrial objectivity, without giving up, especially in its initial period, the artisanal tradition of dealing with wood. This exhibition marks the intrinsic rationalism of the scale of the works presented, expressing the most public face of his production”, comments Giancarlo Latorraca.

TheCasa Zalszupin, a residence designed by Jorge himself, where he worked and lived for more than 60 years, will present a new look at his residential architecture, marked by an expressionist organicity, with curved volumes and thick white walls, with photos by Nelson Kon and unpublished sketches. “Distinguishing itself from the structural pedagogy of reinforced concrete, which characterizes the so-called ‘Escola Paulista’ of architecture in the same period, Zalszupin’s production seeks references in the empiricism of Scandinavian and Mediterranean constructions, defining a unique poetic path in his residential production” , comments Guilherme Wisnik.

The organic and artisanal production differs from his work in furniture design, characterized by synthetic and industrial rationalism – which is also presented at the festival through important pieces and sketches. “The exhibition also links this production to the sculptural works of Brazilian artists who navigate similar universes”, says Lissa Carmona.

For José Roberto Maluf, president of Fundação Padre Anchieta, this partnership is essential to present the work of a renowned designer to the public. “The Museu da Casa Brasileira has as one of its missions to contribute to the historical composition of design in Brazil and we will continue with this commitment, expanding the debate and increasing the diffusion”, he concludes.

About Lissa Carmona
Formada em Administração de Empresas pela Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Lissa Carmona começou sua carreira no mercado financeiro, mas em 1995 decidiu mudar de rumo e integrar a ETEL como sócia, CEO administrativa e curadora da coleção. Hoje, com 25 anos de carreira na área, é considerada a embaixatriz do design brasileiro no mundo, conduzindo grandes palestras, curando mostras e liderando projetos educacionais, tanto no Brasil, como mundo afora. Em 2021, Lissa encabeçou e deu início a um projeto com séries de exposições icônicas montadas na Casa Zalszupin, onde viveu o contemporâneo modernista Jorge Zalszupin nos últimos 60 anos.

About Guilherme Wisnik
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo. Author of books such as Lucio Costa (Cosac Naify, 2001), Critical state: adrift in cities (Publifolha, 2009), Space in work: city, art, architecture (Edições Sesc SP, 2018) and Inside the fog: art, architecture and contemporary technology (Ubu, 2018). Received the “Highlight 2018” award from the Brazilian Association of Art Critics (ABCA) in 2019. He has published essays in several national and international books and magazines, such as Artforum, Architectural Design, Architectural Review, Domus, Arquitectura Viva, AV Monografías, 2G , Rassegna, Arch +, Baumeister, JA – Jornal Arquitectos, Urban China, Plot and Monolito. He has curated exhibitions such as the Margem Public Art project (Itaú Cultural, 2008-10), Paulo Mendes da Rocha: nature as a project (Museu Vale, 2012), São Paulo: three visual essays (Instituto Moreira Salles, 2017), Occupation Paulo Mendes da Rocha (Itaú Cultural, 2018), Conversations in the square: the urbanism of Jorge Wilheim (Sesc Consolação, 2019), and Infinito vai: 90 years of Brazilian architecture (Casa da Arquitectura de Portugal, 2018). He was the General Curator of the 10th São Paulo Architecture Biennale (Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil, 2013). He is curator of the Brazil Pavilion at Expo 2021 in Dubai.

About Giancarlo Latorraca
Diretor técnico do Museu da Casa Brasileira. Arquiteto, atualmente, é doutorando pelo Programa de Pós-Graduação da Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da USP, na área de Design, com linha de pesquisa sobre teoria e história do design e orientação da Professora Dra. Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos.

Exposure ‘Orgânico Sintético: Zalszupin 100 anos’
From July 1st to September 4th, 2022
Sponsors: ETEL, Almeida and Dale gallery, Iguatemi and Haunt
Realization: Casa Zalszupin, Fundação Padre Anchieta and Museu da Casa Brasileira.

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