The workshop ‘What object is this?’ of November 6, 2021 was an investigation into the ring

For hundreds of years, in different peoples, the ring has symbolized the union between people, the agreement and the exchange of goods. The engagement ring is the most used type of ring around the world. Beliefs state that the finger chosen to wear the ring has a vein that connects directly to the heart. From a less romantic, traditional and more realistic perspective, the ring signals the wealth and gifts of the families involved.

Literature is full of narratives that point to the ring as a symbol of power, of characters who, with the use of this adornment, control forces in nature and exert attraction on other people. The ring is also a jewelry item, which is always renewed, communicating ways of being and expressing identity over time.

That little ring you gave me,
– Alas – it was glass and then it broke…
So also the eternal love you promised,
– Eternal! It was very little and it was over soon.

A fragile pledge that was the love you had for me,
Symbol of the affection that time has annihilated, –
That little ring you gave me,
– Alas – it was glass and then it broke…

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