A partnership between MCB educational and Associação São Joaquim

The ‘No Repare na Bagunça’ project consists of creating a collection of objects from the Brazilian home that are marked by their affective value and which make people’s history, trajectory and memories present. It starts from the search to invert the museum’s logic as the privileged place to store and legitimize the objects of a collection and proposes a new look at the objects of the Brazilian house and its guardians and guardians.

For this, educators go to the homes of people who open their homes and choose significant objects to share their narratives. The place the object occupies in the house, the way the host opens his home to receive visitors, the smells, sounds, the path and all the elements that make up the setting form a unique story, recorded through videos, photos and drawings.

The first visits were carried out during 2018, through a partnership with Associação São Joaquim, located in Carapicuíba, aimed at the elderly population. The following video, made by educator Mariana Galender, reveals a little of this rich process.


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