The link between the institutions is also investigative

The Educativo MCB team has long expressed its interest in contacting public schools and their teaching staff through the creation of partnerships that allow the realization of projects, with a longer duration than the time offered by a usual visit to the museum collection. With the partnerships between museum and school, the educational team has the opportunity to visit the environment of partner institutions, meet the faculty and children in a continuous process, in the enjoyment of daily life, within their reality.

Since 2019, Emei Ricardo Gonçalves, located in Vila Ipojuca, has been a partner with which we have established an investigative, affective and professional bond, having as a laboratory and meeting point the premises of the school, courtyard, trees, rooms, library , administration and arts studio, a privileged space in which a rich exchange of experiences takes place between the museum team and the school teachers.

A partnership like this is vital for MCB education to remain connected to the challenges posed by formal education and invest from this point in ways to intervene in the context of the museum, on the other hand, it remains relevant as it leads to the school a rich set of propositions that could only be thought of based on the experiences and challenges placed in the context of a non-formal education apparatus, as is the case of the Museu da Casa Brasileira.

In meetings overflowing with teas, cookies and lots of laughter, memories, stories, pedagogical dilemmas, paths to plastic research and aesthetic fruition are exchanged, but also, through collaboration, hunches, bets and challenges for interventions in the space with teachers, children and the educational MCB.

Mariana Serri, Mariana Gallender and Marcos Felinto, members of the Educational MCB team headed this initiative under the guidance of the coordinator, at the time, Carlos Bakmak.

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