The teacher training course celebrates education as a power

The teacher training course is an initiative of Educativo MCB that focuses on serving professionals from public and private education networks, NGOs, associations, universities and other institutions linked to educational practices.

Far from being a visit to mediate the collection, the course is actually an opportunity for collaboration between museum and school in the sense of thinking, mapping, reflecting and creating paths for the reinvention of pedagogical practices, in order for them to experience the authorship of new narratives for the Museum.

The collection, the museum’s premises and the surroundings of the building are laboratory spaces in which to think about both a museum and a school outside the walls, in which all interactions with the environment become subject to mediation. These meetings are intended to stimulate an autonomous sense of investigation about the MCB’s heritage so that each educator, in the company of their schools and students, can generate actions and visits that correspond to their expectations with greater fidelity.

The teacher training course celebrates education as a power and encounter and affection as pedagogical paths.

In the PDF below you can find out about the publication created for this initiative by Cibele Lucena and Guilherme Ranieri, members of the Educativo MCB team.


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