The Poster Contest for the 34th edition of the Design MCB Award, held by the Museu da Casa Brasileira, equipment from the São Paulo State Department of Culture and Creative Economy, received 403 entries, with participants from 18 states, and the winner was the work by Leonardo Sá Rocha Sarabanda, who will receive the gross amount of R $ 3 thousand as a prize. The competition has been held annually by the institution continuously, as a means of encouraging production and debate about this graphic piece and seeking to restore its centrality in the dissemination campaigns. In 2020, for the first time, there was a theme to be followed, the Social Role of Design. During the course of the contest, we were crossed by the covid-19 pandemic, a fact that transformed the format and the selection process of the award, which became digital.

The winning poster, by Leonardo Sá Rocha Sarabanda, is, according to Ruth Klotzel, coordinator of the judging committee for this edition, “a well-structured project that makes good use of image, color and typography. He highlights a garbage bag, upside down, as the only object on the poster. An emblematic image, which carries with it many meanings: it displaces garbage from its usual place and orientation, like a “ready made”, asking about the value of objects and what we discard; it shows us how we are the same (“from dust we come, dust will come back”) and refreshes the image of garbage when seen from a distance, making it look like a light bladder suspended on a string, or a rose bud, for example. In addition to these images, this poster suggests several possible associations, not being exhausted in the objectivity or in the intention of those who created it, remaining alive in the possibilities of interpretation of those who read it. It does not provide us with solutions, but it evokes questions that indicate our uncertainty and our responsibility for the future. ”

Klotzel, designer graduated from FAU-USP and master at the same university, was alongside Guto Lacaz, architect at FAU-SJC (1975), multimedia artist, illustrator, designer, draftsman and set designer; Maria Cau Levy, graphic designer, architect and educator; Oga Mendonça, filmmaker, multimedia designer and podcaster; and Thiago Lacaz, Designer graduated from Esdi / Uerj, with a specialization in graphic design from USP and book design from the University of Reading, United Kingdom on the judging panel.

The judging committee elected seven finalist posters, which, for the coordinator, “expose several aspects related to the proposed theme: the caipira bank, composed with the CMYK chromatic system logic; a chair full of spikes, which prevents us from sitting, representing the exclusive design; the black garbage bag, an object that everyone knows and that contains our discards; the reference to architect Lina Bardi and her look at a vernacular seating solution; the design of the protective mask templates, so necessary at this moment; stickers – which are used today as an entrance to the Museu da Casa Brasileira – composing a poster; demolitions and gentrification in large cities. Each points to some possible reflections. ”

Another 15 pieces pre-selected by the jury will compose a virtual exhibition next to the winning poster and the honorable mentions.


Author: Leonardo Sá Rocha Sarabanda | Registration: 2020-1-00098
Supervisors: Celso Longo and Daniel Trench
Educational institution: Associação Escola da Cidade
City: São Paulo | State of Sao Paulo


Author: Alessandra Valerivna Kalko | Registration: 2020-1-00094
City: São Paulo | State of Sao Paulo


Authors: Giulia Fagundes, Giovani Castelucci, Guilherme Vieira | Registration: 2020-1-00274
Office: Daó
City: São Paulo | State of Sao Paulo



Jeferson Luiz Braz da Silva | Registration: 2020-1-00284
City: Rio de Janeiro | State: Rio de Janeiro



Authors: Luciana Lischewski Mattar, Gabriela Gennari | Registration: 2020-1-00257
Advisor: Marcos da Costa Braga
Educational institution: Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo
City: São Paulo | State of Sao Paulo



Authors: Noam Barg Pinto, Karime Zaher and Tamara Crespin | Registration: 2020-1-00278
City: São Paulo | State of Sao Paulo



Author: Pedro Modenesi Moraes Registration: 2020-1-00470
Advisor: Marcelo Batista Pliger
Educational institution: Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing
City: São Paulo | State of Sao Paulo

Check the text of the judging panel on the 2020 Poster Contest by clicking here.

Check out those selected for the 2020 Poster Contest digital exhibition:

Registration number Status
2020-1-00055 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00095 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00126 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00135 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00158 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00187 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00227 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00273 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00306 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00319 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00324 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00328 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00414 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00516 Virtual exhibition
2020-1-00528 Virtual exhibition


About the MCB Design Award
The Design MCB Award has been held since 1986 by the Museu da Casa Brasileira, a cultural institution that celebrates 50 years in 2020. The award – the most traditional of the segment in the country – reveals talents and consecrates professionals and companies. The Prize is divided into two main moments: the Poster Contest and, next, the prize for products and written works. In 2020, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus (covid-19), the award for product design and written work was suspended. The forecast is that the 2021 edition of the Design Award will be maintained. “It is a project of fundamental importance for the institution and for the design universe, and we plan to resume next year, with the normalization of the museum’s activities”, comments Miriam Lerner, Director General of MCB.

About MCB
The MCB is closed temporarily. In the current scenario, MCB adapts its content to digital, making several materials available in its #MCBemcasa campaign and the #CulturaemCasa platform. Among the content launched, there is a virtual tour, playlists, articles and activities on social networks. Follow!

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