The Design MCB Award, carried out by the Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, opens its 34th edition with the entries for the 2020 Poster Contest, which, for the first time, has a theme for the elaboration of the works: ‘The social function of design’, a theme that will be debated by Ruth Klotzel, Marcos Braga and Rico Lins in conversation at the MCB, in March, in order to expand critical thinking about the role of graphic design in the face of contemporary setting.

Miriam Lerner, director general of MCB, says that the contest is held as part of the award in order to encourage debate about graphic design and reinvigorate the importance of the poster as a centerpiece in publicity campaigns. “In this edition, the evaluation of the posters will take into account the proposed theme given the importance of this reflection in the current context. The language defined by the winning poster will be used as the basis for all other graphic pieces in the edition and, if possible, also incorporated in the expographic project of the exhibition of the awarded products, which will take place in November ”, he comments.

Ruth Klotzel, professor, graphic designer and coordinator of the 2020 Poster Contest judging committee, explains that “the theme will help to encourage participants to think more, not only about the purpose of the poster, but also about the social role of design. After all, we are all political beings, insofar as we make our choices not only by voting, but in our daily lives: in our way of consuming, getting around, feeding, relating to our fellow men and women. nature in general. And we know that the industry is not simply concerned with producing what is necessary, but also with creating consumption needs. Design plays a fundamental role in this discussion ”.

The posters will also be analyzed based on criteria such as: concept; clarity of communication; visual impact; originality; technical viability; ease of production and distribution of the poster by post. In addition, only posters that use paper as support and in vertical format will be accepted.

Interested parties will be able to register from February 12th to April 2nd he MCB website and deliver printed works and complementary documentation by April 7 at the Museum. The result of the contest is expected to be released on May 7th. Participation is open to all interested individuals: Brazilians or foreigners residing in the country for more than two years, professionals or students. The registration fee is R $ 54.00, but those who join the ‘Friends of MCB’ program will have a 50% discount, the same benefit offered to students. It is worth mentioning that the discounts are not cumulative.

The author of the winning 2020 poster will receive a prize in the gross amount of R $ 3,000.00; there may also be pieces chosen in second or third place, as well as honorable mentions, at the discretion of the jury, without, however, there being a financial award for these categories.
Works that follow the regulations and are selected by the judging commission may be part of the Poster Contest Exhibition, scheduled for November next to the 34th Design MCB Award exhibition.

2020 Poster Contest Show – Popular Vote – Visitors to the exhibition will receive a ballot to vote for their favorite poster. The winner will be announced at the end of the exhibition. The popular vote aims to stimulate public participation in the debate about current production in graphic design and the importance of the poster as a synthesis graphic piece in publicity campaigns.

As directed by the Covid-19 Contingency Center, the Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy reported that the Government of the State of São Paulo adopted the measure to suspend the operation of museums for up to 30 days from 03/17/2020, until new measures to be applied.

Registration for the Poster Contest continues until April 2. However, we will suspend receipt of printed posters until March 29.

During this period the Design Award team will work remotely and all questions and / or requests directed to the organization should be sent to the email

Poster Contest | 34th MCB Design Award
THEME: The social function of design
Registration: February 12th to April 2nd, 2020 at
Registration fee: R$ 54.00 – 50% discount for students and supporters of the Friends of the MCB program
Delivery of the printed poster: until 6:00 pm on April 7, 2020
Result: scheduled for May 7 at
Realization: MCB

Conversation Wheel | The social function of design
Date: March 7, Saturday, from 11am to 1pm
Guests: Marcos da Costa Braga, Ruth Klotzel and Rico Lins
Free entrance
Location: Museum of the Brazilian House

Museu da Casa Brasileira
Av. Faria Lima, 2705
Phone: (11) 3032-3727

Entrar em contato

Tue. to sun. from 10am to 6pm

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