The awarded works will be available for consultation on the website and on Instagram @34premiodesign

The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, releases the result of the 34th MCB Design Award, an award held since 1986 and whose 34th edition was interrupted in 2020 after the Poster Contest due to the pandemic of Covid-19. In total, 114 products and written works share the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, honorable mentions and selected.

“The Design Award has been, throughout its existence, fundamental in the construction of the national design identity, which makes the Museu da Casa Brasileira aware of its role in the regular annual maintenance of the award. The resumption of activities in 2021, after the cancellation of the previous edition due to the pandemic, represents – therefore – a necessary act of resistance. With the collaboration of all actors involved in the production, we can now present it on the Museum’s website and on Instagram @34premiodesign the winners of this edition”, comments Miriam Lerner, general director of the MCB.

“This is the most important design award in the country and, in this complex moment of pandemic, the courageous attitude on the part of the Museu da Casa Brasileira not to let the award be interrupted for another year is fundamental, as it serves as another stimulus for that we can keep an eye on production in our areas of expertise”, explains Gerson Lessa, coordinator of the products judging committee.

The coordinator of the written works jury, Teresa Riccetti, reinforces the importance of the realization for the promotion of the design field: “This is a great achievement in the area, which has been happening since 1986. And even though it is in a different format, completely online , the importance of the Award remains.”

The 34th Museu da Casa Brasileira Design Award marks a historic moment in the event’s existence; after all – with a total of 431 entries – the edition presented the largest number of written works of the last three years (75 works, of which: 18 published and 57 unpublished). The realization also has the support of Senac – in the reading and production of opinions by the Editorial Committee for unpublished written works classified as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place – and ArqXP, which will include a brief catalog in the November edition of the 34PD.

Check out the list of winners of the 34th Museu da Casa Brasileira Design Award.


1st place: 2021-2-00206 – Torneira Click.

2nd place: 2021-2-00360 – Cobogó Lança.

3rd place: 2021-2-00411 – Line of overlapping round vats with silk and diamond texture.

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00026 – Cuba LS-50 – Cuba Cerâmica.


1st place: 2021-2-00508 – Adam Robô AI 4.0

2nd place: 2021-2-00288 – Refrigerator Frost Free Duplex 450 liters with flex space, stainless steel color and an external electronic panel.

3rd place: 2021-2-00453 – Grandior Aura.

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00350 – Nobreak ATTIV.


1st place: 2021-2-00576 – Luminária Lume

2nd place: 2021-2-00211 – Gloria Parede 2

2nd place: 2021-2-00225 – Glória Pendente 1

2nd place: 2021-2-00226 – Glória Piso 1

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00115 – Mobi

2021-2-00240 – Atmo


1st place: 2021-2-00145 – Mesa Compasso

2nd place: 2021-2-00215 – Linha de Mobiliário Caré

3rd place: 2021-2-00351 – Mesas Tiê

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00049 – Estante-biombo Joaquim

2021-2-00277 – Oca

2021-2-00544 – Alba Wood


Exceptionally, there are no awardees.


1st place: 2021-2-00333 – Pulse

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00243 – Essencial


1st place: 2021-2-00034 – Casulo pra rua

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00093 – Thermal teapot Luna 1L

2021-2-00382 – Bowl Elos with board

2021-2-00460 – Carbono



1st place: 2021-2-00341 – Art deco no Brasil – Coleção Fulvia e Adolpho Leirner

2nd place: 2021-2-00352 – José Zanine Caldas

3rd place: 2021-2-00140 – Escritos de Design: Um percurso narrativo

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00050 – William Morris — Sobre as Artes do Livro

2021-2-00184 – Histórias do Design no Rio Grande do Sul

2021-2-00345 – Attilio e Gregório


1st place: 2021-2-00485 – Das poéticas do porvir ao devir cultural: os discursos de design nos artefatos de tendências

2nd place: 2021-2-00033 – O drama do projeto: uma teoria acional do design

3rd place: 2021-2-00085 – O design centrado no humano conectado e colaborativo

Honorable mention:

2021-2-00018 – Os fundamentos ontológicos das relações entre design e arte

2021-2-00038 – O design de livro das editoras independentes paulistanas

2021-2-00126 – Leitura a dois: design de livro com foco no ouvinte adulto

2021-2-00172 – Modelo para avaliação da qualidade do valor ambiental percebido: adoção de aprendizagem de máquina para auxílio à tomada de decisões estéticas em projetos de embalagens ecologicamente orientadas

2021-2-00186 – Forma Função: design como instrumento de soberania e desenvolvimento

2021-2-00418 – Design de moda e ludicidade: minimização do medo e estresse de crianças em tratamento de câncer

Além dos premiados acima, foram selecionados outros 73 projetos pelas comissões julgadoras. A relação completa de trabalhos escolhidos nesta edição está disponível no site MCB.



About the MCB Design Award

The MCB Design Award has been held since 1986 by the Museu da Casa Brasileira. The award reveals talents and consecrates professionals and companies. The Prize is divided into two main moments: the Poster Contest and then the awarding of products and written works. Between June and August, the MCB receives several productions in the following categories: Construction, Transport, Electronics, Lighting, Furniture, Textiles, Utensils and Written Works. Entries are analyzed by two independent judging committees, one for the Product categories and the other for Written Works. Finally, the winners are chosen, divided between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and honorable mentions, in addition to those selected.

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