Winning poster – Author: Pedro Medina Bernardes Bastos
Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro

Awarded and selected followed the theme ‘Project, process and path’

The Poster Contest for the 35th edition of the MCB Design Award, held by the Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution managed by Fundação Padre Anchieta, received 214 entries, with participants from 15 states, and was won by the work of Pedro Medina Bernardes Bastos, who will receive as a prize the gross amount of R$ 3 thousand. The contest is held annually by the institution, as a means of encouraging the production and debate on this graphic piece so important in communication. In 2022, the suggested theme for the production was Project, process and path.

The winning poster, authored by Pedro Medina Bernardes Bastos, according to Leopoldo Leal, coordinator of the judging committee for this edition, “dialogues with the city. Its purpose was to approach the theme of the contest through the decal, recording the process and the path from overlapping elements that evoke an instant in the life of the metropolis. The process of developing the piece, in itself, is a proposal to take to the street, experience the surroundings and perceive the profusion of events that occur at every moment”.

Leopoldo also comments on the importance of observing the process in the production of each poster and how this enriched the conversation between the judges. “The opportunity to see the documented development of the posters was a pleasant surprise for the judges, who were able to analyze and discuss the production from two perspectives: the final piece and the process followed by the participants. The diversity of life repertoires, training, references and practical experiences was stamped on each production, showing the richness of the multiplicity of worldviews based on the same theme”, adds Leopoldo.

In addition to the winning poster, the judging commission formed by Clara Moreira (Recife/PE), Filipe Cartaxo (Salvador/BA), Gabriela Castro (São Paulo/SP), Giovanna Cianelli (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), Maxwell Alexandre (Rio de Janeiro) Janeiro/RJ), Nasha Gil (São Paulo/SP), Pedro Mattos (São Paulo/SP) and Vinicius Theodoro (São Paulo/SP, chose a second and third place, and 7 more were selected for the exhibition.

The winning poster will serve as the basis for the visual identity of the exhibition of the 35th MCB Design Awards, when the winners and selected from the categories of Products and Written Works will be shown. The other selected posters will also be present at the show, showing a part of the graphic production entered in the 2022 Poster Contest.

Check out the full result below.


Author: Pedro Medina Bernardes Bastos
City: Niterói (RJ)
Registration: 2022-2-00372


Author: Maurício Firmino Jr
City: São Paulo (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-00407


Author: Rafael Costa
City: São Paulo (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-01077


Author: Ton Giacometti
City: São Caetano do Sul (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-00034

Author: Bruna Helena Sade e Pedro Fabra
City: São Paulo (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-00043

Author: Maurício Firmino Jr
City: São Paulo (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-00479

Author: Natasha Gompers e Ana Portes
City: Rio de Janeiro (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-00623

Author: Guilherme Vieira Dorneles
City: São Paulo (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-00792

Author: Luiz Henrique Vieira de Carvalho Zaidan
City: São Paulo (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-00940

Author: Erick Bianchi Castelhano Cruz
City: São Paulo (SP)
Registration: 2022-2-01030


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