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Dear Visitors,

It is possible to have a picnic in the MCB garden.

As the Museum is a public space, the picnic must be organized as an informal meeting and cannot be characterized as a private event. Below are basic instructions and restrictions that guarantee an adequate performance for all visitors, remembering that we do not reserve dates, because in its opening hours, also on weekends, the Museum holds events open to the general public. Picnics should be held only in the garden, as the terrace is reserved for activities organized exclusively by MCB.

– Respect the rules and opening hours of the Museum, as well as its cultural program, including activities on the terrace and garden, which must be released 10 min. before the museum closes;

– In order to preserve the circulation of visitors, the maximum number of people participating in the picnic cannot exceed 20 people (adults and children);

– Do not access the internal areas of the Museum with food and drinks. They must be properly packaged and dry (eg cakes, snacks, pies, jars, coolers, etc.);

– It is not allowed to enter the Museum with objects of locomotion on wheels, such as skates, skateboards, scooters and etc., with the exception of baby strollers. Bicycles must be stored in the bike rack, according to the procedure informed in the ordinance;

– Do not carry out any type of discharge from the side of the Museum. Participants must always enter the ticket office (exceptionally, after receiving the public count stamp, the visitor may be asked to access the garden from the outside, if carrying material for the picnic);

– Use only disposable or plastic material for the picnic, such as glasses, plates and cutlery;

– Carry out the immediate and correct collection of waste generated. All waste produced by the visitor must be collected, bagged and removed from the Museum, leaving no trace of the use of the garden (the Museum’s dumpsters do not contain extra waste as they already have a contract for removal and established limit);

– It is not allowed to bring your own furniture, even if it is foldable or demountable; or move those in the garden (benches, chairs, tables, etc.). Chairs and tables should be replaced with yokes, mats and the like;

– The following actions are not allowed: musical instruments (string, wind, percussion, etc.); sound; playing ball sports; using bladders; use any type of decoration in the space (trees, seedlings, benches and railings); perform wait service or bar assembly; equipment such as beer cooler; climbing trees; bring pets (except guide dog); promote any type of attraction (clowns, magicians, music shows, professional recreation or similar); prevent the circulation of third parties through the picnic area;

Confraternizations are welcome, as long as respecting the public character of the institution. Check our schedule on the website to combine your meeting with the MCB’s cultural activities.

Any and all other types of activity not provided for in this article must have express authorization from the Events group or Museum Direction.

If you choose to have a picnic at the MCB, we ask that you contact the institution’s Public Events team in advance so that we can register it in the weekend flow.

Be welcome!

MCB Public Events
Send: date and number of people planned for the picnic

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