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Access and opening times

Museu da Casa Brasileira
Av. Brig. Faria Lima.2705 – Jardim Paulistano
São Paulo

From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm
Free admission on Tuesdays, click here for more information

The Museu da Casa Brasileira already has the protocols ready for public reception. These are training measures adopted, signage and equipment installed so that visitors to the institution can visit the place safely. Below check out the details of the security measures:

– Simultaneous occupancy control of up to 25 people inside the building;
– Minimum spacing between people of 2 meters, reorganizing the visiting environment to attend to this distance, with demarcation of areas reserved for the circulation of people to avoid agglomerations;
– The valet service in the parking lot will be used only in the event that the visitor can park alone, and the necessary parts of the vehicle will be cleaned to ensure the safety of the visitor and valet, following the approved hygiene and hygiene protocol. control of the parking sector;
– Restrictions on the use of bathrooms for up to 3 people at a time;
– For the external area of ​​the garden the flow of visitors will be allowed with a minimum distance of 2 meters with signage. Installation of umbrellas in the external area of ​​the garden to mark social isolation during visits;
– Alcohol gel will be available at the entrances and exits of the building, at work stations, in shared environments, next to the cafeteria / pantry, in meeting rooms and in common areas for use by employees, customers and third parties;
– Mandatory use of a protective mask by visitors and employees;
– Implementation of a procedure for opening the windows of the exhibition rooms and maintaining the opening of the accesses, to increase the supply of air renewal, privileging cross ventilation in the environments;
– Temperature measurement of the entire team and the public for access;
-Installation of antiviral protection barriers in environments of direct service to the public: box office, valet and reception;
– Implementation of technical procedures for hygiene, with the application of periodic cleaning scheduled in the administrative, technical and visitable areas;
– Commitment to monitoring, monitoring and testing the team;
– All employees are being trained remotely to assist visitors.

Click here and check out more information about security protocols.

We are close to the Faria Lima station on the Yellow Line of the Subway.

The bus lines below circulate in the Museum region:
107T- Metrô Tucuruvi /Term. Pinheiros
477A-10 – Sacomã / Term. Pinheiros
477P-10 – Ipiranga / Rio Pequeno
5100-10 – Term. Pinheiros / Term. Pq. D. Pedro II
576M-10 – Vila Clara / Pinheiros

Access here and check the location of the MCB.

Values: R $ 15.00 and R $ 7.50 (half-price)
Free admission on Tuesdays, click here for more information

Half-price is applied to students, ID-Jovem, disabled people and their companions.
Free on Tuesdays for all visitors.
Free for all audiences who schedule a visit to the museum with the Educational Service.
Free for children up to 10 (ten) years old and for and elderly people over 60 (sixty) years old, according to the terms of the legislation.
On the opening days of exhibitions, night opening and cultural events, admission is free for all visitors.

Occasionally, non-free cultural events, such as courses, lectures, fairs, workshops and others, may also be offered within the museum’s cultural programming agenda; the value for each of these events will be determined according to the activity to be offered, and disclosed through the release prepared for the media, as well as the MCB website and all graphic, printed or electronic pieces, related to the event.

Free list for specific audiences:
– Servants in activity, belonging to the Military Police, Civil Police, Technical Scientific Police, other staff members of the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat and their families;
– Teachers, Pedagogical Coordinators, Directors and Supervisors and holders of the support framework of the state and municipal education networks and their families;
– All employees of SEC – São Paulo State Secretary of Culture and their families;
– Employees of the Padre Anchieta Foundation (the benefit is not extensive for companions);
– Visitors with a Museum passport (the benefit is not extended to companions).
– Visitors with the ICOM card – The International Council of Museums (the benefit is not extensive for companions);
– Friends of the MCB (upon presentation of the digital card and document – for program members).
– Partners of the “Friends of the MCB” program (presentation of document).
– Free Tourist Guide – Document presentation – tourist guide card – valid.

Family members: Spouse or partner, children and guarded minors, accompanied by the holder and upon documentary evidence (Functional or Payslip).

Phones: +55 (11) 3032.3727 / 3026.3900
Scheduled monitored visits: 3026.3913
Accessible to people with disabilities.
Bike rack with 40 spaces.
Children under 10 years old can only visit the Museum accompanied by their parents or guardians.

It’s forbidden:
– Use of flash when shooting;
– Use of drone / model aircraft;
– Entry of animals (except guide dogs);
– Enter with food and drinks.

For group visits with support from MCB educators, contact us:
Scheduling and information: (11) 3026.3913 / (11) 3032.2499 or
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm

Paid on-site parking
(tolerance of 15 minutes)

Parking fees (valid from 6/01/2021)
– From Tuesday to Friday – 1st hour: R$ 20,00 | Other hours: R$ 8,00 | 12 hours: R$ 34,00
– Motorcycle – R$ 18,00
– Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: R$ 32,00
– Public event – R$ 32,00
– Private event – R$ 50,00
– Fairs – R$ 50,00
* Dates with special events: price on request (

* Half-entry Law: Law 12.933 / 13
Art. 1 Students are guaranteed access to movie theaters, movie clubs, theaters, musical and circus shows and educational, sporting, leisure and entertainment events, throughout the national territory, promoted by any entities and held in public establishments or by paying half the price of the ticket actually charged to the general public.
Paragraph 1. The benefit provided for in the caput will not be cumulative with any other promotions and agreements and also does not apply to the value of additional services eventually offered in cabins, areas and special chairs.
Paragraph 2. Students regularly enrolled in the levels and modalities of education and teaching provided for in Title V of Law No. 9,394, of December 20, 1996, who prove their student status, will be entitled to the benefit, upon presentation, at the time of purchase. admission and at the entrance of the place where the event will take place, the Student Identification Card (CIE), issued by the National Association of Graduate Students (ANPG), by the National Students Union (UNE), by the Brazilian Union of Secondary Students (Ubes) , by the state and municipal entities affiliated to those, by the Central Student Directories (DCEs) and by the Academic Centers and Directories, with renewable term each year, according to a single nationally standardized model and publicly made available by the national entities mentioned above and by the National Institute Information Technology (ITI), with digital certification, with a 50% student ID card ( fifty percent) of local characteristics.
§ 3 (VETOED).
§ 4 The National Association of Graduate Students, the National Union of Students, the Brazilian Union of Secondary Students and the state and municipal student entities affiliated to those shall provide a database containing the name and registration number of the students holding the Portfolio Student Identification Card (CIE), issued under the terms of this Law, to the establishments referred to in the caput of this article and to the Government.
§ 5 The student representation is obliged to keep the document proving the student’s connection with the school, for the same period of validity as the respective Student Identification Card (CIE).
§ 6 The Student Identification Card (CIE) will be valid from the date of its issuance until March 31 of the following year.
§ 7 (VETOED).
§ 8o People with disabilities, including their companion when necessary, will also be entitled to the benefit of half-price, and this will have the same benefit in the event that they prove to be in this condition, in the form of the regulation.
Paragraph 9. Low-income youths from 15 to 29 years of age, enrolled in the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico), whose monthly family income is up to 2 (two) salaries, will also be entitled to the half-entry benefit. minimum, in the form of the regulation.
Paragraph 10. The granting of the right to the half-ticket benefit is ensured in 40% (forty percent) of the total tickets available for each event.
§ 11 The rules of this Law do not apply to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics events.

Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo: +55 (11) 3119.9000 Procon: 151

* Youth ID
Youth Identity, or simply Youth ID, is the document that allows access to half-price benefits at artistic-cultural and sporting events, as well as free or discounted seats in the interstate public transportation system, as provided for in Decree 8,537 / 2015 .

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