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MCB pays homage to the great Brazilian accordionist Toninho Ferragutti

Son of the saxophonist and composer from São Paulo, Pedro Ferragutti, Toninho followed in his father’s footsteps on the path of music. Encouraged by his family, Toninho Ferragutti grew up to be one of the most inventive and talented accordionists in Brazil.

“Toninho Ferragutti brings in his accordion the synthesis of all the great Brazilian accordionists and, at the same time, he is a singular instrumentalist, with his own and unique personality and sound, which practically reinvent the instrument”
– Maria Luiza Kfouri

Toninho started early to dedicate himself to the accordion. It was in Socorro (SP), where he started his first musical studies, later complemented by choro circles, dance groups, gaucho music and gafieiras.

The composer and arranger also visited the Gomes Cardin Conservatory, in Campinas (SP), but it was only in 1983 – after leaving the veterinary medicine course at UNESP in Botucatu and moving to São Paulo (SP) – that he found himself completely immersed in the music universe. In the capital, he began his career and became a professional musician. And since then, he hasn’t stopped playing.

Over the years, he participated in television programs, recordings by major international artists and MPB such as: Gilberto Gil, Zé Ramalho, Elba Ramalho and Maria Bethania. He has also produced numerous soundtracks for cinema and soap operas and has received two Latin Grammy nominations in recent years.

Toninho is a tireless artist. He participated as a soloist in several orchestras such as Maria Schneider Orchestra (USA), São Paulo Symphonic Jazz Orchestras, São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, ECA / USP Chamber Orchestra (OCAM), among others, and has been performing shows of his own. more recent solo and partnership work.

Among his most recent presentations are the partnerships with Quinteto de Cordas at the SESC Chamber Music Festival and with the String Orchestra of Londrina; participation in the Victor Salvi Festival (Cartagena / Colombia); concerts with Liliana Herrero at Teatro Tecnópolis (Buenos Aires / Argentina), Spoleto Jazz (Charleston / USA) and Concertgebouw (Amsterdam / Netherlands); presentation at BMW Festival (São Paulo / SP), Womad Festival (New Plymouth / New Zealand and Adelaide / Australia) and Carnegie Hall with Gilberto Gil (New York / USA).

Below, you can see more achievements by the great Brazilian accordionist Toninho Ferragutti:


Nomination: Tim Award

Nomination: São Paulo State Governor Award

Award: ‘Açorianos’ music trophy (2014/2015) – category ‘Best Classical Composer’

Award: ‘Cata-Vento’ trophy (2015) – ‘Instrumental Music’ category

Award: 28th Brazilian Music Award (2017) – best soloist in the ‘Instrumental Music’ category


Offer – eldorado Japan 1996 – in duo with Roberto Sion (Saxophone)
Concertina – Pau Brasil – 2000 – Latin Grammy year 2000
Forrobaby – MCD – 2005- Children’s CD
Nem Sol, Nem Lua – Biscoito Fino – Accordion and string quintet – nominated for Premio TIM for best instrumental music CD 2006
Trio 202 – Azul Music 2007 – Toninho Ferragutti (Accordion), Nelson Ayres (piano), Ulisses Rocha (guitar). Live at the New York Jazz Standart.
As the Costume Design – Duo accordion with Baby Kramer – Recorder Boranda 2011. Catavento Award – Best instrumental CD
The smile of Manu – record label Boranda – 2012 – is on the list of the 10 best CDs of 2012 in the opinion of music critic Carlos Calado.
Festa na Roça – Duo with Neymar Dias (viola caipira) – independent – Distribuicão Boranda – 2013 – Nominee for Latin Grammy 2014 – Root music category
Joint of Two – Duo with Marco Pereira (VIolão) – 2014 Record label Boranda.
A Gata Café – quintet – Recorder Boranda
Chorinho Feliz e Mumadji – With Maria João and Mario Lajinha

Toninho Ferragutti & Salomão Soares – Toninho Ferragutti (Accordion) and Salomão Soares (Piano) – Selo Ceara 202

Green Landscape – Toninho Ferragutti and Sandra Fidalgo (Voice) – Selo Boranda

To follow the work of Toninho Ferragutti, keep an eye on the artist’s social networks:

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