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The Kerlaveo group is one of the honorees of the #MCBEMCASA campaign. The musicians have already performed at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, in the 20th edition of the Music project at the MCB, in March 2019.

Kerlaveo is a musical and instrumental group that presents in their productions experiments with different musical styles, producing everything from a Venezuelan chorinho to Bulgarian fashion. The musicians released in 2018 the authorial album entitled ‘Kerlaveo’, and which can be found on digital platforms.

The group created in 2014, is formed by flutist Jean-Luc Thomas, guitarist Carlinhos Antunes, conductor and pianist Gabriel Levy, bassist Rui Barossi, drummer Pedro Ito and harmonica player Vitor Lopes.

The group members recorded some testimonials, which you can check by clicking below, about their experiences and about the new campaign that promotes the advance purchase of tickets for Kerlaveo presentations that will be held after the end of social isolation. The video also features short records of some of his presentations:


Check out by clicking on the links below the presentation held in March 2019 on the terrace of the Museu da Casa Brasileira:
1. O Sorriso de Yorick
2. Espero

On the Spotify platform, you can check on the Museum’s profile the playlist ‘Music at the MCB’, which compiles several musicians who have passed through the stages of the Museu da Casa Brasileira. Follow:

Check out more information about the group and follow on the platforms:

About the Music at MCB project
With continuous editions since 1999, the Music at MCB project has benefited more than 240 thousand people, who had free access to shows by groups like Pau Brasil, Zimbo Trio, Coisa Fina Project, Bachiana Youth Orchestra, Aum Group, Mawaca and Traditional Jazz Band , among others. The presentations, which take place on stage set up on the terrace of the Museu da Casa Brasileira between the months of January and December, currently gather around 500 spectators on average each Sunday.

The MCB is temporarily closed. In the current scenario, MCB adapts its content to digital, making several materials available in its #MCBemcasa campaign and on the #CulturaemCasa platform. Among the content launched, there is a virtual tour, playlists, articles and activities on social networks. Follow!

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