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Foto: Chico Escher


Brazilian House Museum honors Anna Maria Kieffer

Singer and researcher, Anna Maria Kieffer is mainly dedicated to the research and dissemination of ancient music in Brazil and modern and contemporary music in general, having participated as a curator, creator and interpreter of important festivals in Brazil and abroad. She is the author of soundtracks for cinema, exhibitions and museological spaces, as well as scripts for interdisciplinary works of her conception. She works as a teacher and has her texts published in specialized magazines and books. She is associated with the Studio de Recherches et de Sructurations Électroniques-Auditives, in Brussels, is a member of the EMF – Electronic Music Foundation, in Albany, New York, having worked with the Groupe de Recherces Musicales – GRM, in Paris.

She was the creator, with Thais Veiga Borges, of the group Confraria- Conjunto de Música Antiga and, with Rodolfo Nanni, of Akron-projects cultural, for which she created the series “Memória Musical Brasileira”. It has 25 CDs, CDS – books and DVDs recorded in Brazil, Europe and the Americas.

She collaborates regularly with institutions and cultural centers in the organization of musical and interdisciplinary events, such as the International Biennial of São Paulo, The Pinacoteca do Estado, the Instituto Cultural Itaú and different units of Sesc-SP, among others.

With the Museu da Casa Brasileira, curators and concerts such as Natal Musical at Casa Brasileira, coordination of the restoration of the fortepiano belonging to the museum’s collection, the launch of the CD-book edition of the Marilia de Dirceu project, the Italian Concerto – within the series of concerts for the launch of the CD-book Cancioneiro da Imigracao and the series of presentations by Brazilian Saraus.


Anna Maria Kieffer in Die Maulwerke, by Dieter Schnebel | Campos do Jordão Festival. Photographer: Jorge Rosenberg
Confraria Ancient Music Set in O Céu, a Terra, Amor, o Mar | Photographer: Rodolfo Nanni




Campos do Jordão Festival

Juiz de Fora Colonial Music Festival

Santos Nova Music Festival

Biennials of Contemporary Brazilian Music in Rio de Janeiro

Sagra Lucchese, Lucca, Italy

XVII European Exhibition of Science, Art and Culture, Lisbon

International Society for Contemporary Music SIMC Festival, Vienna

Festival del LIM, Madrid

Nuova Consonanza Festival, Rome

Fonè, la Voce and la Traccia, Ravenna, Italy

Warsaw Autumn

Budapest Contemporary Music Weeks

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Festival d’Automne, Paris

Bourges Festival, France

Son-Mu Festival, – GRM, Paris

Festival of the Cultural Center of the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid

Mons Festival, Belgium

La Semaine du Son, Brussels

Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria | Leo Kupper: Sound Dome with 104 channels | Anna Maria Kieffer in Amkea | Photographer: Disclosure



Supermercado Som-Imagem – (mix of musical works, theater, cinema), scenic direction by Rodolfo Nanni

Songs and Dances for Christmas time – with Brotherhood: Old music ensemble, Corpo de Baile at the Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, scenic direction by Maurice Vanneau

The Sky, the Earth, the Love, the Sea (Iberian music at the time of the Great Navigations) – with Brotherhood, Ancient Music Set

Iberian Renascence Romances and Romances collected in Brazil – with Brotherhood: Set of Ancient Music, scenic direction by Silney Siqueira

Le Jeu de Robin et Marion, by Adam de la Halle (13th century) – with Brotherhood: Ancient Music Set, translation and scenic direction by Maria José de Carvalho

Os Prazeres do Baile (Brazilian music at the beginning of the 19th century) – with Brotherhood: Ancient Music Set

It was a calm night (works by Luciano Gallet), projections with works by Darcy Penteado, scenic direction by Rodolfo Nanni

Mel Nacional (about Mário de Andrade and the 1920s) – general conception by Anna Maria Kieffer, scenic direction by Adalberto da Palma

The Musical World of Machado de Assis – research and general conception by Anna Maria Kieffer

The Spirit of Clothes (from the book of the same name by Gilda de Mello Franco) – research and general conception by Anna Maria Kieffer

Concert for Antonio José da Silva, the Jewish research and script by Anna Maria Kieffer, scenic direction by Mauro Wrona

Tarsila and Music (in the context of the exhibition Tarsila do Amaral-affective course, curated by Antonio Carlos Abdalla), general conception by Anna Maria Kieffer, videography by Vanderlei Lucentini

Cage – Campos (show held for the 18th São Paulo International Biennial, attended by the authors), conceived by Anna Maria Kieffer and Theophil Mayer, projections by Caio Gaiarsa.

Opera Aberta (verbal score for lyrical singer, weightlifter and applauding public), by Gilberto Mendes

Music in Space – opera for planetariums, by Jocy de Oliveira

Fata Morgana – magical opera by Jocy de Oliveira

Space Liturgy – opera by Jocy de Oliveira

Frankenstern, opera – video by Emanuel de Mello Pimenta, Fernando Zarif and Décio Pignatari

Inhabited Spaces – Conrado Silva’s opera with collaboration by Anna Maria Kieffer, texts by Galaxies by Haroldo de Campos, images by Carmela Gross with videography by Tamara K

Ways of the Voice – multimedia from works by Leo Kupper and Anna Maria Kieffer, videos by Alessandra Galasso, Eduardo Campos and Chico Escher, scenic direction by Caio Gaiarsa

Between Sacro and Profano / Electropera – multimedia with works by Leo Kupper, Conrado Silva, Vanderlei Lucentini and Anna Maria Kieffer



Anna Maria Kieffer and Oscar de Souza in Open Opera by Gilberto Mendes
Anna Maria Kieffer e John Cage na Bienal Internacional de São Paulo | Fotógrafo: divulgação
Brotherhood: Ancient Music Ensemble in Prazeres do Baile, at the Campos do Jordão Festival
Catalog cover for the Natal Musical exhibition at Casa Brasileira, held at the Museu da Casa Brasileira.
Immigration songwriter – Syrian-Lebanese community: Sami Bordokan and Claudio Kairouz
Immigration songwriter – Japanese: Brazilian Association of Japanese Classical Music
Immigration songwriter – Italians: Biagio Villani and Emilio Ferrara
Immigration songwriter – Hungarians: Members of the Pántlika Group



Playful Space of Inhabited Spaces by Conrado Silva / Haroldo de Campos

Creation collaboration Anna Maria Kieffer


Historical Brazilian music:

Cananéia, Musical and Religious Tradition (Traditional Music of the Cananéia and Iguape Region, musicological research) LP Tacape, São Paulo, 1982.

Marília de Dirceu (Liras by Tomás Antonio Gonzaga, music by anonymous composer from the same period) CD Akron, São Paulo, 1995 and CD-book Akron, 2001.

Journey through Brazil (Brazilian music collected by travelers from the first half of the 19th century). CD Eldorado / Akron, São Paulo, 1990-94, and CD-book Akron, 2000.

Padre João de Deus (Mass in Ré Maior and Creed in F Maior, conductor Sérgio Dias) CD of the IV Colonial Music Festival of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, 1994.

Mel Nacional (Mário de Andrade and the 1920s). Akron CD, São Paulo, 1994.

A. Nepomuceno: Songs (Alberto Nepomuceno: Fortaleza, 1864 – Rio de Janeiro, 1920). Akron CD, São Paulo, 1997.

Teatro do Descobrimento (Music in Brazil in the 16th and 17th centuries). Akron CD-book, São Paulo, 1999.

1900: The Turn of the Century (Music in Rio de Janeiro during the belle – époque). CD-book Akron, São Paulo, 2000.

Music at the Party: CD inserted in the book Festa: Culture and Sociability in Portuguese America (organized by István Jancsó and Iris Kantor). EDUSP / HUCITEC, São Paulo, 2001. Jabuti Award, 2002.

Urban Musical Comedy: CD inserted in the catalog of the exhibition “Comédia Urbana” (curated by Heliana Salgueiro). CD Akron / FAAP, São Paulo, 2003.

Cancioneiro da Importação (Musical memory of 15 immigrant communities in São Paulo, SP) Akron double CD-book, São Paulo, 2004.

Music for a cartographic exhibition: DVD inserted in Anais do Museu Paulista, with the soundtracks made for the exhibition “Cartography of a history – colonial São Paulo:

maps and reports ”(curated by the Jaime Cortesão Chair, USP’s Department of History). Akron / USP DVD, São Paulo, 2009.

São Paulo sound landscapes (1830-1880). CD-book SESC, 2019.

Alberto Nepomuceno – songs. Revised, expanded and remastered edition) .CD Akron, 2020

Discovery Theater: Anna Maria Kieffer, Anima Group and Guests

Contemporary music:

Anna Maria Kieffer during presentation at Sale Olivier Messiaen- INA, Paris | Photographer: disclosure

Amkea (Electro-acoustic work by Leo Kupper, Studio de Recherches de Bruxelles), LP Igloo, Brussels, 1985.

Fata Morgana (Jocy de Oliveira Opera) CD Eldorado, São Paulo, 1990. DVD Spectra, Rio de Janeiro, 2008.

Inhabited Spaces (Ópera de Conrado Silva, text by Galáxias, by Haroldo de Campos) CD Studio M, Brasília / Sound Language Center, PUC, São Paulo, 1995.

Diez Poems for Canto Solo (work by Susana Barón Supervielle, texts by Alejandra Pizarnik) in Panorama de la Música Argentina – Composers Born between 1909 -1912),

CD produced by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, 1995.

Ways of the Voice (works with the composer Leo Kupper for voice and electro-acoustic media, performed at the Studio de Recherches in Brussels).

CD Pogus, New York, 1999. Akron CD-book, São Paulo, 2004.

Fugitives Voix (work by composer Daniel Teruggi for voice and electro-acoustic media) in The Shinning Space. CD Sargasso, London, 2000.

A Pedra (work by composer Guilherme Vaz for simultaneous voice and piano) in O Anjo sobre o verde. CD LMCD, Goiânia, 2001.

Xandó (work by Anna Maria Kieffer and Vanderlei Lucentini for voice and industrial noises). CD inserted in the catalog of the retrospective exhibition of the work of Niobe Xandó (curated by Antonio Carlos Abdalla), at the Pinacoteca do Estado. Akron / Pinacoteca CD, São Paulo, 2007.

Kamana (work with the composer Leo Kupper for voice and electro-acoustic media, performed at the Studio de Recherches), Brussels, 2010, on the CD Digital Voices by the Pogus label, New York, 2012.

Antonio Vieira: do Tejo ao Amazonas (general conception of the composition on 6 excerpts from 6 sermons by Padre Antonio Vieira), CD-book Akron, São Paulo, 2015, chosen as one of the best of the year by Concerto magazine, São Paulo.

Anna Maria Kieffer and Conrado Silva during recording of Inhabited Spaces | Sound Language Studio, PUC, São Paulo | Photographer: disclosure
Anna Maria Kieffer and Leo Kupper during the recording of Ways of the Voice Sudio by Recherches et Structurations Électroniques Auditives –SRSEA, Brussels | Photographer: disclosure
Anna Maria Kieffer, Gisela Nogueira and Edelton Gloeden preparing European tour by Marília de Dirceu – Journey through Brazil Farham Castle, England | Photographer: Margery Thomas
Anna Maria Kieffer, Grupo Anima and guests during the recording of Teatro do Descobrimento | São Martinho Farm, Campinas | Photographer: Rodolfo Nanni



18th São Paulo International Biennial

Special guest: John Cage. Completion of the work of the composer until then. Opening: Parade by Eric Satie, with orchestra conductor Júlio Medaglia and Círculo Mágico Ritual, by Conrado Silva, electronic quarup for 20 musicians and 20 synthesizers.

Real time panel painting by José Roberto Aguilar.

Happening Cage, with several simultaneous groups distributed throughout the Bienal’s internal space. Muoyce, by John Cage, in the author’s interpretation. Cage-Campos (multimedia with works by John Cage and Augusto de Campos with the presence of the authors).

Christmas at the Brazilian House

Exhibition, with Denise Mattar, of old toys and musical instruments for children, at the Museu da Casa Brasileira.

Children’s choirs and orchestras for children.

The Plot of Taste: another look at everyday life.

Graphic score built by the integration of sound events with the installations included in the exhibition.

Creation of O Herbário, installation by Anna Maria Kieffer with scenography by Felipe Crescenti.

19th São Paulo International Biennial

Special guest Brian Eno.

Realization of the Musical Minimalism Exhibition with an audio-video library available to visitors, with works by 200 national and international minimalist composers.

Provision of free copies of works present at the Exhibition.

Lectures and presentation of videos with minimalist operas.

3rd International Architecture Biennial – Sound Constructions and Interventions

Installation of a diffuser system on eight tracks in the exhibition space of the Bienal with the objective of making reliefs, movements and sound sources more perceptible. The works or sound constructions of 20 composers were grouped into 4 modules: Music and Space, Concretions, Window to the East, Texas Landscape (curated by Rodolfo Coelho de Souza), Landscapes of the Unconscious.

Interventions created especially by José Augusto Mannis, with the collaboration of Vanderlei Lucentini.

100 years of Cinema

Musical event organized by SESC Pompéia. Assembly of a cinema orchestra from the beginning of the century, conducted by Achille Picchi. Sound recording of silent films in real time.

Presentation of works by Brazilian composers commonly played in movie theaters and movie breaks.

Itaú Cultural Institute 1997 programming: multimedia events specially commissioned: Francisco Mignone 100 years (directed by Fábio Caramuru), Lorenzo Fernandez 100 years (Inside the Night, Walter Weiszflog, scenic direction by Anna Maria Kieffer), Revivendo Pixinguinha: the music of the Eight Batutas (musical direction by Maria José Carrasqueira, scenic direction by Naum Alves de Souza), João Pernambuco the guitar poet (general direction by Leandro Carvalho). 500 Years of Music Course in Brazil, lectures and CD releases.

São Paulo, its people and its music: conception and direction of thirteen shows focusing on immigrant communities, in the reopening celebrations of the Mário de Andrade Library.

Historical Musical Halls – at the State Pinacoteca: The Hall of the Von Langsdorff in Rio de Janeiro (from the reports of Spix and Martius), The Russian Room (from the reports of Tolstoy), The French Salon of the Belle Époque (from the reports de Proust), the Salon of the Countess Maffei, in Milan (from the letters of Verdi).

Historical Brazilian Sausages – at the Museu da Casa Brasileira: Sarau da Marquesa de Santos, Sarau das Cidades do Ouro, Sarau Carioca da Belle-époque, Sarau Modernista.



Opening of the 18th São Paulo International Biennial | Curated by Anna Maria Kieffer | Ritual Magic Circle, by Conrado Silva | Photographer: disclosure

O Brasil dos Viajantes (MASP, exhibition curated by Ana Maria Belluzzo)

Rodin (Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo, exhibition curated by Emanuel Araújo)

Bordallo Pinheiro – A Portuguese just like it (Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo, exhibition curated by Emanuel Araújo)

Urban Comedy – From Daumier to Araújo Porto – Alegre (MAB-FAAP, exhibition curated by Eliana Angotti Salgueiro)

Music for a Cartographic Exhibition (Museu Paulista, exhibition “Cartography of a history – colonial São Paulo: maps and reports”, curated by Cátedra Jaime Cortesão, USP’s Department of History)

Soundtracks for the Aleijadinho Museum (Ouro Preto, MG): Festas (Concistório) and, with Vanderlei Lucentini, Teatro da Morte (crypt)

The Marquesa de Santos: a woman, a time, a place: two soundtracks for the homonymous exhibition curated by Eloisa Barbuy, on the occasion of the reopening of Solar da Marquesa – City Museum, São Paulo

Xandó: Music for Niobe (With Vanderlei Lucentini, Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo, exhibition Niobe Xandó: the Art of subverting the order of things, exhibition curated by Antonio Carlos Abdalla)

Worth the man and his belongings (documentary feature film by Paulo Pastorelo)

How much is it worth or is it per kilo (participation in the soundtrack of Sergio Bianchi’s feature film)

O Retorno soundtrack and landscape in the documentary feature film by Rodolfo Nanni), award for best direction and best photography at CINE PE – Festival de Recife, best sound at Festival de Goiânia in 2008 and Margarida de Prata award by CNBB as best film , in 2009

From Palace to Museum (medium-length documentary of the same name by Rodolfo Nanni on the collections of the Palaces of the Government of the State of São Paulo)

Vazante (consulting and participation in the soundtrack of the homonymous film by Daniela Thomas).



Vozes da América – participation as a musical consultant and interpreter in 16 programs by Regina Porto for Radio Cultura FM on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America.

The Third Trip – participation as a consultant and interpreter of 13 programs by Júlio de Paula for Rádio Cultura FM on Spix and Martius’ Travel through Brazil.

Historical Music Halls – creation of 13 programs for Rádio Cultura FM within the Musical Ideas series.

Mel Nacional – radio work – conception by Anna Maria Kieffer in creation shared with Regina Porto, José Augusto Mannis and Fernanda Pompeu for Rádio Cultura FM, about Mário de Andrade and his time. Work presented at Rádio Documenta de Kassel 14 do Brasil and which ended its program, curated by Janete El-Auli, with the collaboration of José Augusto Mannis.

To follow the work of Anna Maria Kieffer, visit:

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