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Considered one of the greatest pianists in the world, Amilton Godoy started his journey early in the interior of São Paulo. Bauru, he was born into a traditional family of musicians. Throughout his life, the sounds of his grandfather’s lute, his father’s violin and his uncle’s trumpet accompanied the musician’s story, who began studying classical piano through private lessons and then left for the capital at the suggestion of his teacher Nilda Marchioni, who – curiously – refused to teach Amilton and his brothers years before because the young people left playing popular music in the city of Bauru (SP).

“Look, this boy needs to get out of here. I don’t have much to add to it”, was the phrase used by Nilda when indicating the Magdalena Tagliaferro school for the parents of the Godoy family. It didn’t take long until Amilton was accepted as a student at the institution and started traveling six hours and twenty minutes by train weekly to study in São Paulo (SP). Graduated, he won important music competitions; but that – still – was just the kick-off in the pianist’s career.

During his studies, Amilton Godoy spent 11 hours a day dedicating himself to classical music, but it was popular music that chose him. In his extensive curriculum, the instrumentalist performed works alongside Elis Regina, Elizeth Cardoso, Baden Powel, Milton Nascimento, Wilson Simonal, Jair Rodrigues, Jacob do Bandolin and other great names in MPB, with whom he traveled the world playing his samba jazz with contagious improvisations, gaining national and world recognition.

As a conductor and arranger, he has produced numerous records; already as a soloist, he has been guest of orchestras conducted by famous Brazilian conductors such as Júlio Medaglia, Chiquinho de Moraes and Simon Bleche and Tiago Costa.In 1973, he founded – along with Rubens Barsotti (drums), Luiz Chaves (bassist) and João Ariza (drums) – the Free Musical Learning Center – CLAM, in São Paulo (SP), in which – today – he is the only one director and responsible for an extensive musical methodology with dozens of edited methods. In 2012, he began working alongside the young harmonica player Gabriel Grossi for the CD “Villa Lobos Popular”, which he frequently continues on tour to this day.

Project Villa Lobos Popular, with Gabriel Grossi. Playing Passarim (Tom Jobim) at Sala Cecília Meirelis, RJ.


Some of Amilton Godoy’s most outstanding works took place alongside the famous “Zimbo Trio”, formed in 1964 at the invitation of Rubinho Barsotti. Thus, the group became extremely important to the Brazilian art scene, having recorded 51 discs edited in over 22 countries.

Some of Amilton Godoy’s most outstanding works took place alongside the famous “Zimbo Trio”, formed in 1964 at the invitation of . Thus, the group became extremely important to the Brazilian art scene, having recorded 51 discs edited in over 22 countries.

Alongside the trio, Godoy won national and international awards as best instrumental group for “Pinheiro de Ouro” (three times); the “Roquete Pinto”, at the Festival del Disco Internacional de Mar del Plata (Argentina); “Best Instrumental Group” by the Sharp Music Award (1994); TIM Award (2008); Brazilian Music Award (2012), with the CD Zimbo Trio Autoral, and more.

Currently, the band Zimbo Trio takes the name of “Amilton Godoy Trio” – since the musician is the only remaining member of the original formation – and continues to pay homage to the history built since the 60s.


Old video with Zimbo Trio (80s), with Dominguinhos and Heraldo do Monte.

Release of the CD “Amilton Godoy Trio – Tribute to the Zimbo Trio”, Itaú Cultural, March 7, 2019.  Amilton Godoy (piano), Edu Ribeiro (drums) and Sidiel Vieira (bass).


During the pandemic, it held online presentations – in partnership with the #CulturaEmCasa campaign – in addition to participating in the Pianíssimo Festival in Joinville in September 2020. In 2021, in celebration of its 80th birthday, it was awarded for a series of six virtual shows that honored big names like Villa-Lobos, Ary Barroso, Elis Regina, Elizeth Cardoso, Tom Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Baden Powell, Edu Lobo, Chico Buarque, Carlos Lyra and Milton Nascimento. He was also recently invited to teach remote classes at Berklee College of Music.


4th episode of the series of shows – Homage to Tom, Vinicius and Baden.

Solo Piano/ Virada Cultural Paulista Salto #CulturaEmCasa/ 2020.


In April, he began preparing his new album “Amilton Godoy – 80 anos”, awarded by ProAC. Thus, the pianist reaches the milestone of his 67th LP, which will be released in a face-to-face presentation at Teatro Sérgio Cardoso on October 28, at 9 pm.

In November, there will be two more presentations of the project. The first, on November 6th, at the Municipal Theater of Bauru, and the second will take place in a special live on Amilton’s YouTube channel, on November 26th, at 9 pm.

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