The Zikir trio show, called the Silk Road, is a musical journey through songs and melodies that travel through various parts of the Orient using traditional instruments that create a unique musical texture and rich in timbres, rhythms and melodies. Formed by researchers and scholars of Eastern music (Mario Aphonso III, Ian Nain and Francisco Mehmet), Zikir creates propose a new and different approach to ethnic music, seeking a path through the multicultural route that crosses the East and the West, from ancient times Rooted in musical exchanges between the peoples of the Eastern world. In addition to the trio’s research, the dancer Bruna Milani develops an expressive, authentic and peculiar work in this relationship between dance and music.

24th September, Sunday at 11am - free admission (subject to stocking)
Prefer public transportation
15 min from the subway Faria Lima
Bicicletário with 40 places
Pay Parking On Site


1 –Tambores

2 –Tové

3 – Raga Shivaranjani

4 – Sabil Khan

5 – Leyli Jhan

6 – Rashid Khan

7 – Amal Haiati

9 – Samai Nawa Athar

10 – Bashraf Saba

11 – Huseyni Oyun Havasi

12 – Bahríye Ciftetellisi

13 – Sufi Tune

About the project Música no MCB
With continuous editions since 1999, the project Music at MCB has benefited more than 240,000 people, who had free access to shows from groups such as Pau Brasil, Zimbo Trio, Projeto Coisa Fina, Orquestra Bachiana Jovem, Grupo Aum, Mawaca and Traditional Jazz Band, among others. The presentations, which take place on stage set up on the terrace of the Casa Brasileira Museum between March and December, currently gather around 400 spectators each Sunday.

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Tue. to sun. from 10am to 6pm

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