music in mcb | xaxado novo

music in mcb | xaxado novo

With fiddle, guitar, triangle, bass drum and percussions, the group Xaxado Novo rescues a traditional baião formation to honor the great masters of Brazilian popular culture such as Luiz Gonzaga, Marinês and Jackson do Pandeiro. The group moves through several Brazilian Northeastern rhythms as xote, Rastapé, xaxado and baião, and also proposes a musical tour of the different cultures that have contributed to the formation of this music.

June 26th, Sunday at 11h – free admission

01. Sopro (Felipe Gomide)
02. Sertão Cigano (Felipe Gomide)
03. Xaxado Guerreiro (Felipe Gomide/Bruno Duarte)
04. Me Embelezo (Bruno Duarte)
05. Comboios (Davi Freitas)
06. Mutum (Felipe Gomide)
07. Ouricuri (João do Vale/Ary Coutinho)
08. Pé de 7 (Felipe Gomide)
09. Xaxado Bossa Nova (Antonio Barros)
10. Olha a Pizada (Luiz Gonzaga/Zé Dantas)
11. Pifanada (Felipe Gomide)
12. Pifanada Adubada (Felipe Gomide)

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Tue. to sun. from 10am to 6pm

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