Produção musical e direção de Carlinhos Antunes.

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The Orquestra Mundana Refugi is one of the honorees of the #MCBEMCASA campaign. The group, together with Carlinhos Antunes, would perform at the Museu da Casa Brasileira in April, in the 21st season of the Music at MCB project.

The group, which has refugee musicians from different countries, includes in their repertoire their own compositions and traditional themes from Palestine, Iran, Guinea, Congo and Brazil, as well as Arabic and Persian songs. Its members use instruments such as kanun, accordion, piano, violin, Chinese zither, bouzouki, among others.

The Orquestra Mundana Refugi arises from the original formation of the Mundana Orchestra, in which it brought together professional musicians from different locations who resided or were in São Paulo. After 15 years, Refugi was constituted through musical workshops offered by Sesc São Paulo for immigrants and refugees, a project idealized by the musical director Carlinhos Antunes and social worker Cleo Regina Miranda. The objective was to welcome and integrate those who chose to live in São Paulo, whether willingly or not.

To celebrate the two years of the Orchestra, the CD ‘Caravana Refugi’ was recently released. With 11 songs that include traditional themes from Iran, Guinea, songs composed by the musicians of the Orchestra, as well as tributes to Chico Buarque and Milton Nascimento.

The musical production, the direction of the CD and the Orchestra are by Carlinhos Antunes.

Find out more about the Orchestra in the video below:

About the Music at MCB project
With continuous editions since 1999, the Music at MCB project has benefited more than 240 thousand people, who had free access to shows by groups like Pau Brasil, Zimbo Trio, Coisa Fina Project, Bachiana Youth Orchestra, Aum Group, Mawaca and Traditional Jazz Band , among others. The presentations, which take place on a stage mounted on the terrace of the Museu da Casa Brasileira between the months of January and December, currently gather around 500 spectators on average each Sunday.

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