O show acontece no dia 16 de setembro, sexta-feira, às 19h30. Entrada gratuita.

The show takes place on the 16th of September, Friday, from 7:30 pm, with free admission.

The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution managed by Fundação Padre Anchieta, will present on Friday, September 16, at 7:30 pm, an unprecedented concert by Orkestra Bandida. The audience at the show will be able to see the material from the group’s new album, which will be released soon. Free entrance.

Orkestra Bandida is part of the Coletivo Tarab – which connects strands and cultures through modal music from the Middle East, Turkey, Mediterranean and Balkans, to the Arab world and Brazilian instrumental music.

The group presents a musical and scenic formation composed of several instruments and the band is led by the main melodic voice of the Western Clarinet and the Eastern Clarinet that, despite being antagonistic, present several proximities and syncretisms present in choro, samba and northeastern baião. , for example. Furthermore, the flutes made of oriental woods (Ney, Kaval) evoke the pifes, the indigenous flutes and the entire playful universe of Brazilian wind.

Starting this month, the presentations of the Música no MCB project will also take place on Friday evenings – the day the Museum has free admission and is open until 10 pm – instead of Sunday mornings. “We want to expand the musical performances, offering Friday nights as a new leisure option for the public at the museum and its surroundings, presenting the traditional and diverse musical programming of MCB”, comments Giancarlo Latorraca, technical director of the Museu da Casa Brasileira.

Check out the repertoire:
1. Oriental Express
2. Track Dance
3. Silistranka Tropanka
4. Nihavent
5. Tiz-tiz
6. Istemen Babrasil
7. Farizanov Çoçek
8. Chukro Rak’s
9. Aparani Par
10. Troika
11. Pentozali
12. Roma çoçek
13. Ciganko
14. Hicazkar Oyun Havasi
15. Sofistic Çoçek
16. Balada

Mario Aphonso III
Ian Nain
Bruno Menegatti
Gustavo Souza
Francisco Lobo
Eliezer Tristão
Bruna Milani

Special participation of the Tarab Collective Dance Group.

Música no MCB | Orkestra Bandida
Date: September 16, Friday.
Time: 7:30 pm
Free entrance
Location: Terrace of the Museu da Casa Brasileira
Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 2705 – Jardim Paulistano, SP
The MCB does not have parking. Prefer public transport. We are close to Faria Lima station on the Yellow Line of the Metro.

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