Music on MCB | House 7

Music on MCB | House 7
Dia 17 de março, domingo, às 11h. Entrada gratuita.

On March 17, Sunday, at 11am, the Museum of the Brazilian House receives in its box the group House 7.

Formed by Caetano Ribeiro, Daniel Coelho, Luisa Toller and Dhieego Andrade, the group will launch the CD ‘Caminho do Meio’ on the stage of the Museum.

01 – Intro (Caetano Ribeiro)
02 – Never Again (Caetano Ribeiro / Luisa Toller)
03 – A Canto (Daniel Coelho / Rafa Carvalho)
04 – I Live to Vagar (Giovanni Iasi / Luiz Tatit)
05 – Mercê (Daniel Coelho / Guto Leite)
06 – Baião do Amigo (Caetano Ribeiro)
07 – Fado of the Legions (Daniel Coelho / Guto Leite)
08 – Trianon (Caetano Ribeiro / Luisa Toller)
09 – This Is Love (Daniel Coelho / Guto Leite)
10 – Amazon River (Dori Caymmi and Paulo César Pinheiro)
11 – Ground (Caetano Ribeiro / Luisa Toller)
12 – Middle Path (Caetano Ribeiro / Luisa Toller)
13 – Passion of Tomorrow (André Siqueira and Renato Frazão)
14 – Who Says (André Siqueira / Renato Frazão)
15 – Theo (Daniel Coelho / Guto Leite)
16 – Mines (Daniel Coelho / Guto Leite)

About the Music project at MCB
With continuous editions since 1999, the Music project at MCB has benefited more than 240 thousand people, who had free access to shows from groups such as Pau Brasil, Zimbo Trio, Fine Thing Project, Bachiana Jovem Orchestra, Aum Group, Mawaca and Traditional Jazz Band , among others. The presentations, which take place on stage mounted on the terrace of the Casa Brasileira Museum between March and December, currently gather around 400 spectators on average every Sunday.

Music on MCB Season 20
March 17, Sunday, at 11am
Free entrance

Museum of the Brazilian House
Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 2705
Near the station Faria Lima of the Yellow Line of the Subway
Tel .: (11) 3032-3727

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Tue. to sun. from 10am to 6pm

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