Music in MCB | carol andrade

Music in MCB | carol andrade

Singer and songwriter, Carol Andrade uses a variety of Brazilian rhythms to strengthen our mestizo and continental culture, mixing sweet and percussive sounds with a delicate interpretation. The show marks the release of her third album , “Sorria”, which focuses on the power of art as a way to humanize us.

June 19th, Sunday at 11 am – free admission

01. Sorria (Carol Andrade)
02. Homo Sapiens (Carol Andrade)
03. Nos passos da Rosa (Carol Andrade)
04. Flor do Campo (Carol Andrade)
05. Margarida (Carol Andrade)
06. Valsarás (Carol Andrade)
07. Canto de cachuera (Carol Andrade)
08. Poema do amor novo (Carol Andrade e Giselle Maria)
09. Cidade ilusão (Carol Andrade e Alex Maia)
10. Alegre sertão (Carol Andrade)
11. Saudação (Carol Andrade)
12. Desalmada (Carol Andrade)

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