MUSIC AT MCB | Camará e Saracuteia Fulô

MUSIC AT MCB | Camará e Saracuteia Fulô

Brazilian popular music rules the musical encounter of the Camará and the trio Saracuteia Fulô, in a presentation in ‘Música no MCB’. Formed by Victor Cremasco (vocals) and Raphael Amoroso (guitar), Camará presents songs from his two albums, which bring samba, bossa nova and other strands of Brazilian music. The duo is accompanied by Roberto Federicci (accordion and keyboards), Ruiz Mattos (drums) and Jorginho da Silva (double bass). Ana de Mag, Jessica Dias and Babi Pacini form the Saracuteia Fulô. Taking turns in voices and percussion, they present songwriting and composer Pedro Ribeirão.

June 4th, Sunday at 11am – free admission (subject to capacity)

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15 min from the subway Faria Lima
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01. Bonsai (Raphael Amoroso)
02. Tanta Gente (Pedro Ribeirão)
03. Correnteza (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
04. Samba do Chá (Victor Cremasco e Roberto Federicci)
05. A hora do Samba (Jéssica Dias e Paulo da Rosa)
06. Contramão (Pedro Ribeirão)
07. Tempo de Amor (Vinícius de Moraes e Baden Powell)
08. A Palmeira (Pedro Ribeirão)
09. Sabiá da gaiola (Domínio Público)
10. Chão (Victor Cremasco)
11. Valsa Pra Lua (Raphael Amoroso)
12. Bailes da Vida (Milton Nascimento)
13. Há Braço (Victor Cremasco)
14. Teimoso (Pedro Ribeirão)
15. Maria Rosa (Victor Cremasco e Raphael Amoroso)
16. A do Feijão (Pedro Ribeirão)
17. Samba de Amanhã (Victor Cremasco e Raphael Amoroso)
18. Ponteio (Edu Lobo)

About the project Música no MCB
With continuous editions since 1999, the project Music at MCB has benefited more than 240,000 people, who had free access to shows from groups such as Pau Brasil, Zimbo Trio, Projeto Coisa Fina, Orquestra Bachiana Jovem, Grupo Aum, Mawaca and Traditional Jazz Band, among others. The presentations, which take place on stage set up on the terrace of the Casa Brasileira Museum between March and December, currently gather around 400 spectators each Sunday.

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