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Neymar Dias  is one of the greatest contemporary Brazilian guitar players and multi-instrumentalists. In 2020, the artist was honored by the Museu da Casa Brasileira through the #MCBEmCasa campanha campaign and now enters the recommendations of the Música no MCB project with the works “Neymar Dias and String Quartet” and “Neymar Dias Trio”.


With training and experience that span years of dedication to classical and popular music, Neymar Dias delivers to the public – in this presentation – arrangements that explore these two universes in depth, in addition to creating solo possibilities for the Brazilian viola that dialogue with different musical styles.

Thus, the artist proposes new possibilities of musical immersion for the Brazilian viola, always taking care to preserve the characteristics of ancestral roots, on which the history of the instrument was built.

The repertoire covers traditional themes of regional country music, including classical music – with Bach and Villa Lobos – and authorial compositions that also dialogue with pop music.

This is the Brazilian viola expanding its horizons beyond the traditional root repertoire. The quartet is formed by Vana Bock, Sergei Eleazar de Carvalho, Marcos Scheffel and Daniel Pires.

Depois da Serra (Neymar Dias) – 12/18/2020.

Estrada Branca (Tom Jobim/ Vinícius de Moraes) – 12/18/2020.

Suíte Raiz (Vários) – 12/18/2020.

Barroca (Neymar Dias)– 08/17/2021.


In this concert, different solo and harmonic possibilities of the Brazilian viola are explored, beyond the genre for which it became known in Brazil: root music. For this, Neymar Dias elaborates arrangements in which the Brazilian viola travels through different musical styles; from root music to Bach, or from the Beatles to Tom Jobim. Thus, the multi-instrumentalist delivers what he promises in an exquisite way, always respecting the original characteristics of the instrument and, thus, contributing to the expansion of the Brazilian viola repertoire.

The two musicians who accompany him, Vana Bock (cello) and Pedro Gadelha (acoustic bass) – both from classical training – collaborate to perform this repertoire in a personalized way.

Chamamé da Lua – 08/10/2021.

Melodia Sentimental (Heitor Villa Lobos) – 08/16/2021.

Giga – 08/18/2021.

You’ve got hide your love away (John Lennon/ Paul McCartney) – 08/30/2021.

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