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On display from October 16, 2020 to June 13, 2021.

The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, opened in partnership with Harvard University, the exhibition ‘Ecological Urbanism 2020’ which celebrated the launch of the book ‘Ecological Urbanism in Latin America’ which it took place in March 2020 and presents a synthesis of the publication, highlighting proposals from the city of São Paulo, Colombia and Mexico City, among others.

The exhibition featured original models and drawings that explore its content, expanding its reach to different audiences, inserting it in a critical and interactive way in the cultural, environmental and political context of Brazilian cities.

The Harvard University Graduate School of Architecture initiative tried to demonstrate imaginative and practical methods to address climate change and sustainability in the urban environment, understanding ecology as an ethical and political project that embraces the environment, not just how physical reality, but also in terms of social relations and human subjectivity.

Exhibition Panels

In 2014, the first volume of ‘Ecological Urbanism’ was published in Spanish and Portuguese, a compilation of two texts that emerged from the line of research and urban development. O emergence of the volume carrying a series of encounters and debates in various countries of Latin America and a set of tests and works are gathered in Ecological Urbanism in Latin America.

This new volume was edited by Mohsen Mostafavi, Gareth Doherty, Marina Correia, Ana María Durán Calisto and Luis Valenzuela. A further publication presents a complex and multifaceted reality in Latin America based on seven thematic eixos – anticipating, collaborating, feeling, including, mobilizing, curating, adapting -, dialogue with an original publication, exploring new interpretations.

In addition to the exhibition, there is a special virtual program on issues related to the Ecological Urbanism theme and the projects presented at the exhibition, with the participation of Nelson Brissac, Shundi Iwamizu and Marina Correia, among others. The bat-papos will happen as a mission to disseminate the contents presented in an interactive and current way, for the public throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The exhibition curator, architecture and visual communication was by Marina Correia and Fabiana Araújo, architects graduated from the Harvard University Graduate School of Architecture.

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