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On display from September 5th to October 22nd, 2017.

Two countries, two cultures and two stories come together to promote a dialogue between historical and contemporary design. This is the purpose of the exhibition ‘Diálogo Design: Polônia Brasil’, which arrived in São Paulo on September 5, Tuesday, at 7 pm, at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the São Paulo State Department of Culture, in partnership with The Spirit of Poland and Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

The show, which is curated by the Polish Magda Kochanowska and Ewa Solarz, and by the Brazilian Gabriel Patrocínio, followed the concept of establishing parallels between designers from Poland and Brazil. According to the curator, it was from the observation of similarities between the design activity of the two countries that the idea of ​​the exhibition emerged, in addition to emphasizing how close their cultures are when the subject is design. “Obviously, there are historical differences and other influences, which also reflect on the contemporary production of these nations, which led us to believe that this juxtaposition could offer a rich panorama of performance and, at the same time, propose ways for an eventual collaboration between the two countries. ”, Comments Gabriel.

The opening started at 19h, with a round table moderated by curator Gabriel Patrocínio, and his guests Rodrigo Brenner, from Furf Design; Victor Papapelo, of the Grand Circular; Magdalena Kochanowska; curator of the show; and Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi; from The Spirit of Poland. Followed by a cocktail, scheduled for 8:30 pm.

Check the records of the opening of the exhibition:

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“The exhibition‘ Diálogo Design: Polônia Brasil ’demonstrates the MCB’s objective of continuing international partnerships, which ensure the greatest heterogeneity in our exhibition program,” said Giancarlo Latorraca, technical director of the museum.

“It is as if the Brazilian house opens up to the Polish house, in a cosmopolitan attitude typical of a metropolis like São Paulo, bringing in the objects of a nation that contributes to our multicultural formation”, added Gabriel Patrocínio, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition ‘Design Dialogue: Poland Brazil’ brought together tradition and innovation in 20 posters and 25 iconic pieces of furniture, glass and porcelain. In addition, five Polish graphic designers and five Brazilians were invited to portray two posters, one representing their country of origin and the other with their vision of the second country of the show – posters that were distributed, free of charge, on the opening day of the exhibition .

Check out some of the posters and pieces that were exhibited:



Jorge Zalszupim – news from ‘Diálogo Design: Polônia Brasil’ at MCB
After a season in Brasilia and another one in Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition ‘Diálogo Design: Polônia Brasil’ opens in São Paulo, at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, in an enlarged version: it incorporates a cutout with pieces by Jorge Zalszupim, Polish architect naturalized Brazilian known for the importance of his contribution in building the identity of modern Brazilian design. This selection, in honor of the designer, will be presented for the first time in São Paulo.

Through this small exhibition, entitled “JZ: The personified dialogue”, visitors got to know the designer’s work in a wealth of details, arranged in two rooms. “Zalszupin personifies the dialogue we seek to represent the exhibition as a whole. , but significant – almost iconic – a set of nine pieces designed by him. This deserved a special segment ”, explains the curator, Gabriel Patrocínio.

Dialogue Design Catalog: Poland Brazil

In addition to the exhibition ‘JZ: The personified dialogue’, the exhibition ‘Dialogue Design: Poland Brazil’ had a special program at the MCB. Check out:

September 5, 2017, Tuesday, at 7 pm
Opening | Round table with Gabriel Patrocínio, Rodrigo Brenner, Victor Papapelo, Magdalena Kochanowska and Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi

September 6, 2017, Wednesday, 3 pm
Special visit with Gabriel Patrocínio and Magda Kochanowska, curators of the exhibition

September 17, 2017, Sunday, 3 pm
Presentation of the films Neon (52 mins) and Art of Freedom (70 mins), on the museum terrace

September 20, 2017, Wednesday, 3 pm
Special visit with Gabriel Patrocínio, curator of the exhibition

September 24, 2017, Sunday at 3pm
Presentation of the films Polish dress (63 mins) and Art of Disappearing (52 mins), on the museum terrace

October 1, 2017, Sunday at 3pm
Presentation of the films Toys (51 mins) and Beats of Freedom (73 mins), on the museum terrace

Some highlights in the media about the exhibition:


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Estilo Arte 1 

Dialogue Design: Poland Brazil
Furniture: 3 pieces
Ceramics: 5 pieces
Glass: 4 pieces
Tradition: 1 tapestry; 1 design of metal masks; 1 bank; 1 armchair; 1 tapestry
Innovation: 2 metallic chairs; 3 mirrors in FIDU (metal); 2 banks; 1 center table
Polish old posters: 20
Contemporary Polish and Brazilian posters: 20
JZ: The Personified Dialogue: 9 pieces

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