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Furniture and everyday objects reduced to child scale bring adulthood miniaturized in the exhibit “Design Mirim”, brought by the “Museu da Casa Brasileira”. The opening will be on August 13rd, at 11h am, with free admission. This is an unprecedented exhibition that presents about 100 original items of domestic equipment for children of Brazilian modern house, especially in the period from 1920 to 1970. The cut made ​​in the collection of Sergio Campos, curated by collector himself and MCB team, shows how toys and chairs were made ​​with the intention of presenting the adults world to children, as a prologue to maturity. The furniture of the exhibit consists of mini chairs and mini armchairs designed similarly to their corresponding for adults, many of them created and produced by prominent representatives of the modern Brazilian design as José Zanine Caldas, Abraham Palatnik, Lina Bo Bardi, Carlo Hauner, Moveis Cimo, Moveis Patente, Liceu de Artes e Ofícios, etc. Toys from this time are from simple parts, sold at the time in flea markets, to toys and more sophisticated chairs, sold in specialized stores. Strollers, everyday objects, table games, kitchen linens, are all manufactured in Brazil, produced by companies such as “Brinquedos Estrela” and “Metalurgica Matarazzo”. The opening of the exhibition “Design Mirim” will be held along with two other exhibitions: “Hugo França: Escalas em contraste” and “Projeto Balanço MCB+BOOMSPDESIGN”. The event is in Design Weekend!’s calendar. About Sergio Campos Degree in Sociology and Political Science at USP, Sergio Campos, owner of Artemobilia Gallery, began his collecting in the days when he lived in London, in the 1980s. Returning to Brazil, he sought to form a core of representative collections of our urban popular culture, panning and studying industrial objects, characteristic of a society that has turned rapidly during the 20th century. Sergio Campos was curator of numerous exhibitions related to the theme of Brazilian design.

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