Visitation until February 10, 2019

The Contest of the Poster for the 32nd edition of the Design MCB Prize, given by the Brazilian House Museum received 424 entries this year, with participants from 15 states, and won the piece by designer Celso Hartkopf Lopes Filho, from Recife, which demonstrates a strong cultural identity, represented in chromatic composition, through gesture and the use of objects of popular character.

The poster that is the inspiration for all the visual identity of the 2018 edition was chosen by the judging commission coordinated by photographer and designer Gal Oppido and composed by Flávia Nalon and Chico Homem de Melo, with extensive experience in graphic design, and by the urban artists Luis Bueno and Gabriel Ribeiro. For the selection, the jury considered the poster’s creativity and expression as a publicity device, not just as a play.

The Poster Contest show will display the winner, the ten highlights and more than 90 works selected by the jury. Visitors will be able to choose their favorite piece in a popular vote, made in person at the exhibition, implemented since the 30th edition in 2016, which aims to stimulate public participation in the debate on current production in graphic design and the revaluation of the poster as a graphic piece dissemination campaigns.

32º Prêmio Design MCB e Concurso do Cartaz
Opening: November 10, Saturday, from 10 am to 8 pm
Opening of the exhibition with the awarded and selected pieces of the 32nd edition and show of the Poster Contest; Meeting with the jury and winners; Fair of publications specialized in design and architecture; Book launching; Offices; Foodtrucks.

Realization: MCB
Support: Revista AbcDesign, ABD, ABEDESIGN, ADP, Arco, Revista L + D, Paralela, Revista Projeto, Senac SP, Santinho, Meliá Jardim Europa and Revista 29HORAS.

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