Itinerância da Linha do tempo do Prêmio Design MCB

Itinerância da Linha do tempo do Prêmio Design MCB

The time line of the works awarded since the first edition of the MCB Design Prize in 1986 until the thirtieth in 2016 will be presented at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (FAU USP) in an exhibition panel format. Created from the publication launched in celebration of the 30th edition of the Prize, the objective is to bring to the students’ knowledge a little of the history of Brazilian design, counted from the cut of the Design Award MCB, the main and oldest of the segment in the Country. In addition, students are expected to be inspired to create their own work.

Directed by: MCB
Support: FAU USP and Editora Olhares

Location: FAU USP | Rua do Lago, 876, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo / SP
Visitation: 1st August to 3rd September

About the MCB Design Award
The MCB Design Prize has been held since 1986 by the Museu da Casa Brasileira. The award, the most traditional and prestigious of the segment in the country, reveals talents and dedicates professionals and companies. The Prize is divided into two main moments: the Poster Contest and then the award of the products and written works.

Between June and August, MCB receives creations (prototypes or in production) in the categories: Construction, Transportation, Electronics, Lighting, Furniture, Textiles, Utensils and Written Works. The works are analyzed by two independent judging commissions, one for the product categories and the other for theoretical work. Finally, the winners are chosen, divided between 1st and 2nd places and honorable mentions, besides the finalists of the edition.

As a result of the MCB Design Award, the Museum holds a show with winners and selected from each category of the edition, which is on display for about two months.


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