Mercado Manual – 9ª edição

Mercado Manual – 9ª edição

The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the State Culture Secretariat, managed by Civil Society through the House of Arts and Artifacts of Brazil, presents the edition of Christmas and Anniversary of the Manual Market, on December 1st and 2nd, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm, with free admission.

Daniela Scartezini, Karine Rossi and Patricia Toledo, valuing the handmade culture and history behind each piece, workshop and activity, invited 111 fashion, design and home artisans, art, jewelery and bijoux artisans, children, beauty and wellness, as well as gastronomy.

For three years in the cultural agenda of the city, the program of the event includes manual workshops, artistic performances and actions for all ages. The children’s space is the creation of Erê_lab, responsible for the project dedicated to children in Sesc of Avenida Paulista. Another attraction will be the Kombi dos Sonhos, a fun vehicle that carries games and activities for the whole family.
“It is a joy to return to the place where everything began and to reaffirm our intentions. Being on the street is our DNA and justifies the desire to take this spirit of coexistence and community wherever we are. feed this network we grow every day, “explains Daniela Scartezini.

“The Brazilian House Museum holds several fairs in order to provide direct contact between the small producer or artisan and the final consumer, in an attempt to guarantee the sustainability of this productive chain. In this sense, and as the only museum in the country focused on design and architecture, the MCB joins the Manual Market in encouraging and strengthening creativity and entrepreneurship, “adds Miriam Lerner, director general of the museum.



December 1st, Saturday

– Liquor shop: at 13:00, with Taste Me! – Learn to make liquor with your favorite fruit. (12 vacancies)

– Performance of Giant Bubbles: from 13h, with the Aria Nebulosa clown. On occasion, she will make giant soap bubbles in a presentation that also brings together mime and dance. (Free)

– Cheese bread workshop: at 3pm, with Luciana Ubaldino, from the Dona Celina Pão de Queijo project. The professional will share a recipe with the participants, explaining the origin of the ingredients and emphasizing the importance of eating fresh and good food. (15 places / activity for children)

December 2, Sunday

– Christmas garland workshop: at 11am, with NaLã Collective. Participants will be able to make Christmas wreaths using the pompom textile technique.
(15 vacancies)

– Christmas garland workshop: at 12:30 pm, with NaLã Collective – Participants will be able to make Christmas garlands using the pompom textile technique. (15 vacancies)

– Drumming Workshop: at 3pm, with Ateliê Brasil no Fio, composed by Rodolfo, designer, creator and craftsman of the studio, and Taciana, biologist, pedagogue and art educator. The activity has the mission of propagating popular culture through the making of musical instruments, toys and props.
(12 vacancies)

All entries will be made on the spot, on time and in order of arrival.


Fashion: 3Jolie, Achados de Brianti, Artéria, Austral Culture, Bossapack, Comas, D-Aura, De Araque, Estilo Barkoh, Flats Exclusivas, Hayô, Iara Wisnik, Le Jour, Leninha Roupa de Baixo, Moeê, okan, Santa e Nuvem, Shii, SHWE | The Wearable Library, Soulful, Sunset Wood, Tangerina Moon, Vanila Eyewear;

Design and house: André Wagner Arte, Barini Design, Carmine, Casa Dobra, Ecolov, Estúdio Plume, I1 Casalingo, Parnaioca, Patricia Carvalho e Renata Levi, Popoke, Somassae Pottery, Wet & Wood;

Bijoux: Ateliê Nó Design, Bossa 374, Casa|MO, Chris Cunali, crua design, Dalzotto, Feixe acessórios, Greta, Juliana Veinert, Laura Mallozi, Luna Kajiya, Priscila Pini e Zilah;

Children: Amapô Kids, Brasil no Fio, Calu Rosa, Escafandro de Pano, Et Nous, Nó & Nó, Oficina de vovôio, Timirim, Tom pepper’s;

Art: Elisa Sbardellini e Estela Miazzi;

Beauty and welfare: be.or, Olfativa Aromas, Pavio de Vela, Primeira Folha, Realindo, Sabon Sabon, Terral, Therapy, umzerooito;

Gastronomy: Beeliving, Caminhoneta Gourmet, Canaille, Castelões, Da pá virada, Do oriente ao pote, Dona Celina, Ibá, K-lab, OCabral, Pepper Your Mind, Ruaa, Taste Me!, Vitória Pães.


Mercado Manual
01 and 02 of December, saturday and Sunday, from 10h to 20h
Free Entrance

Museu da Casa Brasileira
Av. Faria Lima, 2705 – Jd. Paulistano
Tel.: (11) 3032-3727

Entrar em contato

Tue. to sun. from 10am to 6pm

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