Feira Sabor Nacional – 9ª Edição

Feira Sabor Nacional – 9ª Edição

The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the Secretariat of State Culture managed by the Civil Society through the House Museum of Brazilian Arts and Artifacts, and the Grupo FSN in partnership with the ninth edition of the Feira Sabor Nacional. The event will take place on November 24 and 25, Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Sunday from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with free admission, and will bring together seasonal products produced by small producers of food, beverages and culinary accessories.

In this edition, Feira Sabor Nacional welcomes the arrival of summer and the end of the year, highlighting products made with lightness, refreshment and aimed at healthy eating. In addition to the exhibitors, the event counts on a food court and options of Bahian gastronomy, Acrean delicacies, among others.

“For November, the curators sought even more innovation and originality. We will bring the color in the hottest season of the year in products such as specialty cookies, sweet treats and refreshing mustards and mint sauces, “says Elson Reys, a member of the FSN Group.

In order to contextualize the vocation for architecture and design, the Brazilian House Museum contributes to themes such as creative economy and sustainability. “In this sense, we promote initiatives such as the National Flavor Fair that generate opportunities for access and encourage direct contact between small producers and the final consumer,” says MCB director general Miriam Lerner.

Workshops for adults and children complete the program of the event:

Saturday, November 24
– From 12h00 to 14h00: Como ter uma horta de temperos orgânicos em casa – Silvia Jeha, Sabor de Fazenda
In the activity participants will learn the secrets about planting and the benefits of organic spices. (20 vacancies)
* Entries will be made with the organizers of the event on the day of the activity.

Sunday, November 25
– From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Da mandioca à tapiocaOquecabeaqui?
Tapioca workshop, from cassava to table. Participants will explore tapioca as a support for artistic creations, using natural pigments, stencil and other tools to make their mark on food.
Target audience: children from 3 to 10 years. (20 vacancies)
* Entries will be made with the organizers of the event on the day of the activity.

Abra a Boca e Feche os Olhos, Aguzzo; A. Mar; Atelier de Terrine; Baiani Chocolates; Brutus Pimentas; Café Amorim; Café Campo Místico; Art & Richies; Casa do Bolo de Rolo; Casa Mantiva; Canoleria Brasil; Capril do Bosque; Castanharia; Cerâmica Fátima Moreira; Chef In Boss; Chimichurri Norba; Chrtistophe & Zeide; Delicari; Deliciss; Desenrolha; É Brownie; Elaine Doces; Empório Poitara; Fazenda Atalaia, Feito a Pão; Fruta Fina, Flor Gourmet; Funghi Caruso; Going Nuts; Gostoso e Fácil; Gin Arapuru; Goldy Alimentos; Jais Hand Made; Kika Ps; La Bottega di Nino; La Conserveria; Lowe; Maximo Boschi; MBee Mel; Montezuma Queijos; Obaatian, Objekti; O Chá Lá; Oficina Vovôio; Oliq Azeites; Origens Grechi; Pampa Alfajores; Pardinho Artesanal; Poppin’corn; Quitandarte; Quituteria Artesanal; Riccio Cucina; Rima; Rusti Cookies; Sacola Tropical; Santa Paula Queijaria; Sabor de Fazenda; Santo Cutelo; Tartuferia San Paolo; Taste Me, Tiê Cachaças; U!Dress;  Vestra Panem; Xavante Carne de Lata.

Restaurants / Food Bikes:
Açucareiro da Nana; Caminhoneta; Casa Tucupi; Cervejaria Avós; Consulado Mineiro; Desenrolha; Dona Celina; Dourado de Amendoim e Cia; Fôrno; Guará Vermelho; Hospedaria; Jardim de Napoli; Los Compadres Cervejaria; Mercearia do Francês; Merengueria Santa Clara; Mocotó Aqui; Negroni Ricetta 45; Tabuleiro das Meninas; Verdô Sucos; Zalaz.

About the Feira Sabor Nacional 
The FSN Group was created in July 2015 with the proposal of discovering small producers in the gastronomic area, publicizing their works and revenues and bringing them closer to the final consumer, fostering constant and conscious consumption. The work is developed from the professional experience of its founders, entrepreneurs Claudia de Castro Mello, Elson Reys, José Roberto Giffoni and Reginaldo Okazaki de Freitas.

About MCB
The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the São Paulo State Department of Culture, is dedicated to the preservation and diffusion of the material culture of the Brazilian house, being the only museum in the country that specializes in architecture and design. The MCB program includes temporary and long-term exhibitions, with an agenda that also includes activities of the educational service, debates, lectures and publications contextualizing the museum’s vocation for the formation of a critical thinking in themes such as architecture, urbanism, housing, economy urban mobility and sustainability. Among its innumerable initiatives, the MCB Design Prize, the main award of the segment in the country, made since 1986; and the Casas do Brasil project, to rescue and preserve memory about the rich diversity of the country.

Feira Sabor Nacional
November 24, Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and November 25, Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Free entrance

Museum of the Brazilian House
Av. Faria Lima, 2705
Tel .: (11) 3032-3727

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