ARQ!PALESTRA | Terra e Tuma: arquitetura, limitação e oportunidade

In the opening of the cycle of lectures on architecture and urbanism MCB-ARQ!BACANA 2017, the members of the Terra e Turma office present the reflections and influences on their trajectory, which includes the project ‘Casa da Dona Dalva / Vila Matilde’, an example of Accessible architecture for lower social classes, and redesigning neighborhoods in high-risk areas. Using the references of the plastic arts, cinema and sociology, the projects developed affirm the commitment of the profession in the fundamental role of social agent and demonstrate the ability to network with integrated and multidisciplinary systems, such as association with sociologists, anthropologists and engineers, in addition to Own fellow architects.

April 26th, Wednesday at 7h30 p.m.

Realization: MCB, Portal ARQ!BACANA and Revista Projeto
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Fee: R$ 40 – professionals / R$ 20 – students

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