The Illustration Workshop with Gil Tokio – one of the judges of the 2019 Poster Contest – is one of the attractions of the month of March at MCB. The purpose of the activity is to develop, in a conceptual and practical way, each participant’s ability to use drawing as applied art, that is, drawing as a communication tool; and that can be used in various media, purposes, styles and labor markets.

The methodology of the course is structured in two stages: the first one more expositive, in which concepts about what is illustration, professional market, possibilities of language and examples of varied artists will be presented and discussed. The second part will be of practical exercises, producing an illustration with techniques and manual processes.

Each participant will produce their pieces with support in the essential premises of creating briefing, rafe, thumbnail, composition, perspective, narrative, communication, style and language. At the end of the activity, all the works will be gathered for a final analysis and discussion among all.

Meet Gil Tokyo
He is an illustrator, teacher, designer and cartoonist. Graduated in architecture from FAU USP and master in Design by the same school. Partner and illustrator of the studio Pingado, he has been working for the country’s leading publishing and publishing companies since 2001, as well as in the advertising, animation and digital games market. He is professor of the European Institute of Design and the Quanta Academy of Arts. He has received, among other honors in Humor Salons throughout the country, the HQMix award in 2006. He is a member of SIB – Society of Illustrators of Brazil and the band maker Laikabot.

March 21, Thursday, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Working Hours: 2h30min
Investment: R $ 125.00. (Student: R $ 62,50)
Limited space: 12 people
Minimum age: 14 years

Necessary materials:

Basic material:
– Sulphite paper A4
– Pencil (preferably 2B, 4B or 6B)
– Rubber or clean times
– Glue and scissors

Optional supplementary material
Drawing materials of your choice
(Recommended at least one of the options)

– Disposable ink kit
– Set of marker pens (gray and / or colored)
– Gouache Kit
– Watercolor Kit
– Kit of nanquim
– Color pencil kit
– Colored papers, scraps and magazine clippings.

Subscriptions coming soon!

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