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The activity carried out by Educativo MCB takes place on October 9th, Saturday, at 10am

The time has come for another edition of the workshop “What Object is This?”, which – this time – has as its focus of investigation the shot, a structuring component of the contemporary experience of inhabiting. She is the one who directs energy to a handful of electronics without which life simply would not be what it is. Her discretion often makes her go unnoticed in a room; functional as it is, it is only lacking when it is not there to supply our electronic devices. With the conduits that lead to the sockets, it would even be possible to create an analogy with the veins of a “house body”.

They – the shots – jokingly associated with the pig’s snout, account for part of the strategic thinking applied in the construction of a property. Imagine yourself, a room without an outlet. The colloquial language would say that it is a “room without power” or a “room without light”; two expressions that denote the vitality of an environment.

Moving on to other aspects, it is worth talking about the current that passes through the socket, about accidents with appliances connected to the wrong voltage, the shocks and the necessary precautions when in front of them.

Come draw with us at our next workshop and bring your stories. The activity takes place on Saturday, October 9th, from 10am. We will have space and time to exchange ideas and designs.

What object is that? – Power Plug | Online drawing workshop
October 9th, Saturday
Opening hours: from 10am to 12pm
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Free activity for the whole family

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