On March 16 and April 9, Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Casa Brasileira Museum, institution of the Culture Secretariat of the State Government of São Paulo, will promote the Educators Training Course. The activity that now counts with two days, will be free, with prior registration.

The purpose of the course is to work the relationship between museum and school, creating strategies of visitation that have meaning and meaning for both. The course is aimed at educators from the public and private schools, institutions and cultural spaces, tourism guides and pedagogy students interested in visiting the Museum of the Brazilian House with groups of students.

For the museum’s educators, the course will function as a collaborative laboratory of strategies that support the teacher. “In addition to working the museum-school relationship, the intention is for the museum educators and the participating teachers to have a powerful encounter and together create the strategies that will be used in the visits with the students,” explains Cibele Lucena, educator of the Museum of the House Brazilian

The Educator Training Course offers certification and accessibility in pounds. Altogether there are 20 places, with free admission through registration by the email

Educator Training Course
Days March 16 and April 9, Saturdays
9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Jobs: 20 vacancies

Museum of the Brazilian House
Av. Faria Lima, 2705
Tel .: 3032-3727

About MCB
The MCB Educational Center proposes practices that articulate the look, the doing and the thinking so that the visitors take on the role of researchers, researching the contents that the museum offers in a contemporary perspective. The idea is to create challenges for participants in educational activities to raise questions from their own experiences and discover new meanings in relating the visit to MCB with their lives. Visits in groups – In general, educational and social institutions can be scheduled in advance. The duration is approximately one and a half hours. Groups with more than 25 people are divided into two groups. Spontaneous visits can be done individually or in a group.

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Tue. to sun. from 10am to 6pm

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