ATO FRISIR¹ Voando pra fora da casinha

ATO FRISIR¹   Voando pra fora da casinha


The Educativo MCB team, in partnership with CAPS Itaim Bibi, opens to the public an occupation in front of the museum with visitors and professionals from the Mental Health services of the West region. The Act will take place on May 17 in reference to the Anti-Asylum Fight and is part of the program for the 20th National Museum Week. The action brings together the Culture and Health equipment from the understanding that artistic and educational processes are fundamental tools for care and production of subjectivity.

On this day, the group will meet on the sidewalk of the museum with materials for the production of posters, banners and t-shirts through paintings, drawings and serigraphy that dialogue with the question: What is it like to be outside the house? The occupation will also feature an open microphone, an exhibition of works by Coletivo Cazumbá, tea and conversation. Bring your t-shirt to print. Participate in this morning of meetings, creations and exchanges! 1 Frisir, the name given to the action and also to an occupation installed inside the museum, was created by Rosângela Santos Santana, from Bahia, author of neologisms that are a wave. Queen of adornments, turbans and her own style. In music lives care. Sings, dances and engages people with the beats of their afoxés. With a lot of affection and a deep look, she touches the soul with sensitivity and art. A deviant look in conversation with the invisible.

FRISIR ACT¹ Flying out of the house
May 17th, Tuesday, from 10 am to 12 pm.
Location: Sidewalk in front of MCB
This is a free action with no age restrictions.
Free participation.

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