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The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, resumes its activities with the public from October 16, with reduced opening hours, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 3 pm until end of October and from 10 am to 6 pm from November. Upon reopening, the MCB operates with strict hygiene and safety protocols, and opens three temporary exhibitions and a new proposal for the restaurant.

The MCB presents, in its three main exhibition rooms, the exhibitions ‘Casas do Brasil: paulistanas connections’, a work carried out by photographer Marcos Freire over seven years touring the São Paulo territory. Curated by architect and designer Didiana Prata, the exhibition presents a snapshot of thousands of photographs taken in 94 of the 96 sub-districts of São Paulo, in addition to 3 other municipalities in the metropolis of São Paulo. Conexões paulistanas is the seventh edition of Casas do Brasil, a project that proposes the formation of an inventory on the diversity of living in the country. The exhibition was contemplated and carried out through the ProAC edict 10-2019 – Unpublished exhibitions of visual arts.

Also on display, ‘Campos de Altitude’, by Rio photographer Kitty Paranaguá. The exhibition was held in partnership with Janaina Torres Galeria. Inspired by the work ‘Câmara Escura’, by Abelardo Morell, Kitty contrasts the views of Rio de Janeiro’s hill dwellers with their daily experiences. The artist recorded the exterior from the observation points of 13 houses and projected these external records on their residents and the interiors of their houses. Kitty also interviewed the people she portrayed, and this audio makes up the exhibition alongside the images.

In addition to the photographic exhibitions, the MCB and the Harvard University School of Design present the exhibition ‘Ecological Urbanism 2020’, occupying the museum hall. The initiative highlights imaginative and practical methods to address climate change and sustainability in the urban environment, understanding ecology as an ethical and political project that embraces the environment, not only as a physical reality, but also under the aspect of social relations and human subjectivity.

“We are happy with the reopening and the possibility of presenting three new exhibitions to the public. Our parallel program comes back with new workshops, book launches, but the implemented virtual agenda will also be maintained, which increases accessibility to the institution’s content and the diversity of the public served, ”says Miriam Lerner, director general of MCB.

Security Protocols
With the security protocols anticipated for the reopening and training of employees for strategic areas, the Museu da Casa Brasileira created a set of actions to avoid the risks of contamination by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the disease COVID-19.

Among the various measures implemented, the use of masks on the premises of the MCB will be mandatory, and there will be signs at the entrance of each exhibition room with the maximum allowed capacity, for a total of up to 25 people distributed in the exhibition areas. Visiting routes are now guided by trained employees and floor signage. Umbrellas were installed in the garden in order to indicate the safe distance between groups of people. In addition to these measures, specific waste bins for disposing of masks and tissues are also available at the site. The full list of adopted hygiene and safety protocols and measures can be accessed on our website.

Capim Santo
The old ‘Santinho’ became the new ‘Capim Santo’, by chef Morena Leite. With a lounge and an external deck overlooking the garden of the Museu da Casa Brasileira, the restaurant now operates in an “a la carte” version and a new menu.

The restaurant continues to operate under hygiene and safety measures from Tuesday to Friday, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

In October 2020, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 3 pm
From November, Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm
Tickets: R $ 15 and R $ 7.50 (half-price) | Buy your ticket here
Children under 10 and over 60 are exempt | Disabled people and their companion pay half-price
Free on weekends and holidays
On-site accessibility
Bike rack with 40 spaces | Paid on-site parking

The Museu da Casa Brasileira continues to carry out virtual activities through the #MCBEmCasa campaign. Stay tuned for news on social media.
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