The occasion will be marked by free admission and exhibitions celebrating national design and architecture

Celebrating Brazil’s independence is – also – remembering Brazil’s rich cultural complexity. Whether in artisanal, industrial, architectural or gastronomic production, everything that is made in the most distinct regions of this continental country has a unique essence.

And to take advantage of the Independence holiday on Tuesday, September 7, the Museu da Casa Brasileira (MCB), an institution of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, has free admission and a program filled with “ Brazilianities”.

In the interior space at the MCB, it is possible to see exhibitions that seek to discuss Brazilian cultural diversity through knowledge of our material culture. From utensils of the original peoples, to those produced with native wood, to the series of industrialized utilities; from indigenous huts to contemporary architecture. On the first floor, you can see the original history of the Brazilian house that houses the Museum, built in 1945 to house the couple Renata Crespi and Fabio Prado (Mayor of São Paulo 1934-1938), it represents a significant moment in urban expansion since the beginning of the year. Avenida Paulista towards the floodplain of the Pinheiros river.

In the museum’s outdoor garden, it is possible to appreciate various native tree species, as well as enjoy the best of Brazilian cuisine at the Capim Santo restaurant.


Independence of Brazil in the MCB

September 7th, Tuesday, from 10 am to 6 pm

Exhibitions on display: The House and the City – Crespi Prado Collection | Remnants of the Atlantic Forest & MCB Collection | Showcase – Brazilian Kitchen Utensils | Jean Gillon: artist-designer | Bernardo Figueiredo: Brazilian designer and architect.

The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the visit.

The House and the City – Crespi Prado Collection

The exhibition presents the residential use of the property that now houses the museum. Built between 1942 and 1945, the “casarão” housed one of the most traditional and influential families in São Paulo (SP) in the first half of the 20th century and is part of a city’s territory that has witnessed major urban transformations over the decades.

Remnants of the Atlantic Forest & MCB Collection

Reflecting on the transformation of the Brazilian forest, from the exuberance of large trees to the disappearance of species, is the objective of the exhibition Remnants of the Atlantic Forest & Collection MCB. Curated by the botanist Ricardo Cardim, the realization brings, in parallel, pieces and utensils from the museum’s collection made with wood originating from the Atlantic Forest  and, today, practically extinct.

Showcase – Brazilian Kitchen Utensils

To compose the MCB’s showcase, utensils used in Brazilian cuisine since the 19th century were mined, both for food processing and table service.

Jean Gillon: artist-designer

Curated by gallery owner and collector Graça Bueno and the MCB’s technical team, the show features works by Jean Gillon on all fronts of this artist and designer born in Romania and naturalized Brazilian when he settled in Brazil.

Bernardo Figueiredo: Brazilian designer and architect.

The exhibition presents the career of the Rio designer while exploring the versatility of his work in the areas of architecture, urbanism, furniture design, interior design and other transdisciplinary interrelations in the modernist period.


About MCB

The Museu da Casa Brasileira, an institution of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, has been dedicated, for 51 years, to the preservation and dissemination of the material culture of the Brazilian house, being the only museum in the country specialized in architecture and design . The MCB’s program includes temporary and long-term exhibitions, with an agenda that also includes educational service activities, debates, lectures and publications contextualizing the museum’s vocation for the formation of critical thinking on themes such as architecture, urbanism, housing, economy creative, urban mobility and sustainability. Among its numerous initiatives, the MCB Design Award, the main award in the segment in the country, held since 1986, stand out; and the Casas do Brasil project, to rescue and preserve the memory of the rich diversity of living in the country.

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