The workshop ‘What object is this?’ of September 26th, 2020 investigated the stove

There was a time when the fire with which food was cooked was the same fire that guaranteed the protection of human groups from the attack of wild animals. Given the degree of its importance, the fire element was subjected to domestication processes that transported it from the center of clearings – ancestral point of exchange of stories – to the heart of modern homes, in the kitchen, where – despite its small size – it has been affectionately named “stove”. Thus, the stove is the subject of our next workshop “Which Object is This?”.

There are one-burner stoves and there are 6-burner stoves, there are compact ones – suitable for camping – and the large, industrial, wide-burner ones, which cook for many people.

From the backlands of Brazil, we still have news of those solid clay stoves, made of the same material with which one builds one’s house. Some feed on coal, others are electric, full of schedules and powered by piped gas. And your stove, how is it?

Even though it has been so modernized, the stove continues to function as a meeting point around which, while we wait for the “xepa”, the “rango” or lunch, we continue exchanging recipes and advice for a good life.

_Check part of the production carried out during the workshop:

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