The workshop “What object is this?” of June 5th, 2021 was an investigation into the mirror.

The first surfaces capable of reflecting images were produced over five thousand years ago. Initially, they were sand-polished copper sheets. The desire for reflection persisted, developed over time and became the mirror we know and use today.

The mirror fulfills a practical role, with important, precise and objective functions in the most diverse areas; from the dentist’s tools to the means of transport. At the same time, it is one of the most symbolic and mysterious objects we know.

“What is a mirror? It is the only invented material that is natural. Anyone who looks at a mirror while achieving exemption from himself, who can see it without seeing himself, who understands that its depth is that it is empty, who walks into its transparent space without leaving a trace of his own image in it – then realized its mystery”, reflected Clarice Lispector.

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The Educational MCB proposes practices that articulate the look, doing and thinking so that visitors can assume the role of researchers, researching the contents that the museum offers in a contemporary perspective. The idea is to create challenges for participants in educational activities to raise questions from their own experiences and discover new meanings by relating the visit to the MCB with their lives.

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