The workshop ‘What object is this?’ of May 8th, 2021 investigated the blanket

The blanket is a shelter against many colds, it is an indispensable item in the daily life of almost any society. With it the body is warmed up and in your comfort you lull the sleep that opens up to the dream.

From a distant point in human history, its making is related to hunting knowledge or weaving knowledge, and it can be made from wool, silk, animal skins, cotton and currently from synthetic fibers.

From its shelter, a cocoon is made and, in it, as suggested by the themes, traditional saunas made by many peoples throughout Abya Ayala, one returns to the mothers’ wombs.

For children, it is a toy used to design make-believe huts; among many Bedouin peoples it is, in fact, an element of everyday architecture expressed in tents.

_Check part of the productions made in the workshop:


Images: MCB Educational Disclosure

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