The workshop was held on September 11, 2021 and investigated the kite

There are many names that are given to the next research object in our virtual drawing workshop. Starting with the best known, at least in the city of São Paulo, where the Museu da Casa Brasileira is located, the object is known as a “pipe”. In the interior of the state, “plaza” and “parrot”.

In Curitiba they call it “street”. In the north, there are so many other names that are given to this toy to play with the bird: “curica”, “cambet”, “casqueta”, “jamanta”, “cangula”. Other common names appear in the northeast: “bat”, “hare”, “drink”, “owl”, “tapioca”, “biscuit”. In the south and southeast, we find the “pandorgas”, “stylon”, “caliph” wandering through the air.

In Spain and Uruguay, what we call a “comet” is known as a “comet”. The name matters, as it reveals a bit of the children’s culture of each place, but the object matters even more; for being one of the few toys capable of experimenting with the sky, dancing in the air and playing with the wind.

The kite culture has a very special appeal for the crafts, crafts, projections and calculations that go into its creation. Looking at a sky full of kites is like watching a parade of colors and shapes that bring a part of each person who plays to the sky.

Where do your kite memories fly?

_Check part of the productions made during the workshop:


Images: MCB Educational Outreach

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