The workshop ‘What object is this?’ of the 7th of November 2020 investigated the key

It is quite possible that, together with personal documents, keys are items without which it is difficult to go out into the street. For many people it is an ever-present reminder that we are off and back somewhere.

Turning a key is characteristic of the person who goes through small internal revolutions, opening or closing the heart, locking a secret under lock and key are metaphors that communicate to us the acts of giving way, welcoming and safeguarding our integrity. Keys are many, there are those for ideas, for emotions, for doors, latches, locks, safes, boxes, urns and padlocks. Small as they are, they are lost in any corner, so the custom is that we always put them together, in a bunch of keys, which in turn is never just a place for organizing keys, but also for affectionate memories.

I would dare say that some bunches of keys are as powerful as baubles.

Now, why is the collective of keys given the name sauce?

_Check out some of the productions made in the workshop:


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