Ocupação Frisir

Frisir occupation

Frisir: neologism for the signifier of airing, that is, exposing oneself to the air, refreshing, circulating.1

Ocupação Frisir is a device invented by Educativo MCB to activate conversations, raise questions and weave narratives from the public, collected inside and outside the museum. The occupation is physically presented in an exhibition panel inside the house, on which we insert elements from these dialogues.

To inaugurate our series of occupations, we asked: What is your home pharmacy?

Much of what we know about products from the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry comes from empirical experiments and ancestral knowledge.

Faced with the expansion of access to biomedical and allopathic resources, Educativo MCB opens the way for sharing and rescuing the different forms of care that exist in our homes, which bring with them knowledge prior to those that became hegemonic from the industrialization process that characterizes modern medicine.

Through workshops, collections on the sidewalk, direct notes in the notebook and other actions, we extend the invitation to the public to explore its collection of cures, protection and care rituals, translating its recipes and stories into the Livro de Alquimias Homes, a physical object displayed in the occupation, which will freely, poetically and experimentally gather such memories, without the intention that they are medical prescriptions. The book is open to receive your stories.

This installation is a living organism, in constant transformation, it expresses the reflections of the educational team and, at times, proposes different ways of looking at the institution’s exhibitions.

1 Frisir, the name given to the occupation, was created by Rosângela Santos Santana, from Bahia, author of neologisms that are a wave. Queen of adornments, turbans and her own style. In music lives care. She sings, dances and engages people with the beats of her afoxés. With a lot of affection and a deep look, she touches the soul with sensitivity and art. A deviant look in conversation with the invisible.

FRISIR Panel¹ Flying out of the house
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Free on Tuesdays.

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