On the sidewalk in front of the Museu da Casa Brasileira, the Educativo MCB carries out the Oficinas na Calçada project

Since 2016, multiple actions have been developed and transformed over time: Domestic Mysticism, Drawing Your House, Circling Objects, The Printed House, Words and Houses, and The Embroidery House. These actions that make up the Oficinas na Calçada project propose to activate the museum’s external space as a living space, weaving alternatives for relations with the public, in addition to acting as an interruption to the natural flow of a large street in the city, Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima.

Passersby are invited to stop and participate in the proposals, share experiences, memories, affections and memories related to the house. Each day, chairs and a table are placed in the garden at the entrance to the museum – beside the bus stop, or under the tree on the right – with proposals that take the themes circumscribed in the museum’s internal areas to the street.

The collections and exhibitions are made present when evoked by different languages, whether drawing, engraving, oral and written words, embroidery and other objects common to everyone’s home. Collection and actions are placed on par in importance, in interlaces that enhance the construction and attribution of new meanings, highlighting that the value of the object is in the relationship that people establish with them.

The actions, therefore, also deal with an affective collection of the domestic, immaterial universe, such as rituals, stories, memories that the passing public is invited to share.

The workshops restore a neighborhood atmosphere, taking to the bustling avenue a little of what the symbolic and intimate universe of the house offers, such as conversations on the terrace, tea, coffee and the sharing typical of home meetings.

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