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What flavors does your pan cook?

Outstanding as it is its importance among household utensils, the pot ended up influencing, from its function, in the construction of the modern house, which dedicates to it an entire room called kitchen, derived from the cooking action. The pan is for the heart of a kitchen, like the kitchen for the heart of a house.

It is difficult to say about the history of the pots, it is certain that this versatile technology is confused with the history of cooking itself and plays a central role in the development of eating habits among different peoples that inhabit this planet. It is thanks to it that the human diet has become so comprehensive.

In Brazil, the saying “old pot makes good food” is common. As there are many pans, there are many foods: clay pot, handle pot, casserole, frying pan, sauteuse, cauldron, pressure cooker, spaghetti, work.

What to bring your pan and cook memories of affection with us ?! We will have good time to draw in groups! The activity takes place next Saturday, August 1st, starting at 10am. Access the site and register!

What object is that? Online Drawing Workshop
August 1st, Saturday, at 10am | Free
* Children from 6 years old accompanied by a guardian
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