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The activity carried out by Educativo MCB takes place on June 19th, Saturday, at 10am

The next workshop “What object is this?” will take place on June 19, at 10 am, and will be an investigation into the shoe.

This, which is the object with the purpose of protecting the feet, has records of its presence in History from 10 thousand BC.

In Brazil, we know that, for a long time, it was a prohibited accessory for enslaved people. Even today, not everyone has a pair of shoes.

From an essential piece of clothing to a luxury item, from sandals to boots. Stone in the shoe. Crystal slippers, shoes that walk alone, pointed-toed shoes, square-toed shoes. To wind the shoes. Shoes for going out, shoes for staying at home, work shoes, shoes for the cold, for snow, for the earth, for the asphalt, for the heat, for parties, good shoes and bad shoes.

There are shoes that press, shoes that can be hit. Sneakers, slippers, heels, sandals, boots, espadrilles. Useful and poetic shoes.

Proletarian Portrait, poetry by William Carlos Williams.

“Bunky young woman without a hat
in an apron

Hair pulled back still
in the street

The tip of the bare foot
touching the sidewalk

Shoe in hand. Looking-
the attentively

Remove the card insole
to find the nail

That I was hurting her.”

Come draw and walk with us!

Sign up through the website. Children and adults are welcome.

What object is that? – Shoe | Online drawing workshop
June 19th, Saturday
Opening hours: from 10am to 12pm
Registration by clicking here
Free activity for the whole family

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