Casas do Sertão, a poetic collection of objects

Casas do Sertão is a project of Educativo MCB in partnership with the House of Culture of Sertão do Morro da Garça, Minas Gerais. Started in 2019, the project consists of a sensitive and poetic investigation of country houses and their objects, with the kitchen as the axis. On field trips, we take notebooks, inks, stamps, fabrics, lines, and with these materials we record and share discoveries and learnings we have made, both in visits to the homes of residents, and in public workshops that we minister.

Here we present the collection of objects Casas do Sertão, a poetic and free documentation of the objects we found. In order to produce it, we connected materials collected and produced in loco in the hinterland of Minas Gerais with the collection Equipments of the Brazilian House, Uses and Customs, designed by the historian Ernani Silva Bruno, as well as with poetic texts by different authors. By opening these notebooks, you can immerse yourself in this investigation.

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