“As Palavras e as Casas” is part of a broad program of actions carried out by the Educativo team on the sidewalk of the MCB

The action is an invitation made to the passing public to share memories and stories related to their homes.

Childhood houses, relatives’ houses, imaginary houses, real houses, projected houses.

These accounts of singular times and spaces are transformed into poems, proses and free texts, written on an old Olivetti Letra L-32 machine or even handwritten.

The blank page becomes a set of digits and meanings and is given as a gift to the participant at the end of the meeting.

In 2017, museum employees shared their stories with poet and educator Selma Maria Kuasne. The result was 69 poems that formed a beautiful exhibition.

Mixing up your ideas, drinking tea in the garden, visiting friends and strangers, getting in touch with people passing by on the street in front of buildings and fallen houses. For Educativo MCB, the important thing is to establish relationships of the most diverse orders. Listening relationships, exchanges, sensitivities and affections through the houses.

Registration of the exhibition As Palavras e as Casas at MCB:

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